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BRADY in Savannah (please note: Brady is not available for adoption at this time.)

Originally Posted on January 7, 2018

  • Rescue Coordinator: George Hanna
  • Fostered in GA
  • Name Known By: Brady
  • Estimated Age: 9
  • Sex: Male
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Pure Kerry: Yes
  • Housebroken: Yes


Brady is a Victum of Tragedy - His owner passed away and Brady was lock in the House with him till they discovered him 3 weeks Later - Brady was forceably Removed while he was Protecting his Human and dragged into a Crate 


Currently He doesn't like when you grab at his Collar - has reservations about going into his Crate - Has severe Food aggression 


He wants to be a Good boy but will take some time to regain his trust - he shows no Aggression towards the other kerries, he will come when called and just wants to be with you in the yard. on behalf of the former owner's family, we have been ask to do anything to have Brady enjoy a happy ending to his somewhat tragic recent couple of months. 

alot of Love and Kerry Angals on his long road to recovery 

January 22, 2018: Additional information on Brady: this information below comes from the sister of the man who was Brady's owner and his rescue team prior to joining the KBTF program in Georgia: it is written by the former owner's sister. 

"Brady is a Victim of great Tragedy.  His owner died, and was undiscovered for 3 long weeks.  Brady had no food or water during this time, but by some miracle survived.  


Brady was profoundly attached to his owner, and was greatly traumatized by this loss.  Since this time, he has bitten during collar placement, and some medical procedures.  He has issues with excessive barking, humping, and over protectiveness with his owners.  He was making good progress with the use of a training collar and dog trainer, and it is expected that he will need this additional support for some time.  Financial assistance is available to help offset part of this cost to someone who has the heart and time to help him. He will be happiest, and most successful in a home with only one owner and no other pets. 


On the positive side, He is a purebred Kerry Blue Terrier from champion lines,in perfect health, completely house broken, and is very smart.  He loves to play catch with squeaky balls, enjoys running and taking walks, and time with his owner.  His original owner’s only concern about dying was leaving his beautiful dog behind.   We are hoping for one more miracle for Brady, a lovely last home for him to again feel safe and cared for. “

More from the sister tohelp in finding Brady a great Forever home: this is written to her current foster home in GA but also includes what she is willing to do for Brady in the future at his forever home: 

I am willing to offset the expenses for a trainer if that would help and also for his future owner.  Trent, my brother had tried to leave money in his will for Brady, but did it in a way that the recipients had a choice to ignore it, which they are.  I am taking that responsibility up, and want to make sure he gets the help he will need to be successful in a new home.  He barks, can be aggressive, can bite, and humps.  If you know of a good trainer, please let me know so we can start this if that works out for you.  I am hoping someone can help him stop or control these bad behaviors so he truly can be a good pet again.  Also, if he needs toys, or a bed etc, I would be glad to help buy those things. In addition when the time comes that you need to transfer him to his new owner, god willing, if you have any difficulty finding help for this I would be glad to do this for Brady.  I can fill out any paperwork that you need at that time in order to do this.  I have also made my first contribution through the website to offset some of your expenses.  Thank you for you kind heart in giving Brady a home, and hope.  I hope he is not too much trouble for you and your family, and he is finding some comfort.  I am so grateful to you and your family.  It was breaking my heart to think Brady might not have a chance.  




Other Dogs: Maybe

Cats: Maybe

Children: Maybe

If you are interested in Brady, please fill out our Adoption Request Form (ARF). For more info, contact George Hanna,

If you can't adopt, please consider becoming a Kerry Angel.

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