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2014 Rescue Kerries Placed: Raquel


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Raquel, the new girl in town

Rescue Coordinator: George Hanna

Fostered in Georgia

Original Write-Up

Raquel is a purebred 9-year old spayed Kerry female with natural ears. She is up to date on all her shots.

Raquel displays many of the textbook Kerry traits. She is a love bug.. Velcro dog that will follow her humans from room to room and will bark to let them know they might have forgotten and left her behind. If her humans are in a sitting position, she will put her paws on their lap and give them a high five to let them know she would like a little attention. After a pat, scratch and rub, she will return to a nap on the floor. She likes to sleep on the floor beside the bed of her human companions. She is fine on long car rides and also fine with the resident 5 year old human but prefers the company of adult humans.

Raquel has a very high prey drive and while she has had no problems with medium sized dogs (Kerries, Standard Poodles and German Shepherds) of either sex, she is not convinced that smaller dogs are part of her species. For that reason, she will need to be in a home that does not have cats, toy breeds or other small animals. Actually, she expresses the desire to have her humans totally to herself. She will require a fenced yard as she has shown a desire to “wander”. She must be kept on a leash or in a securely fenced yard.

Update June 21, 2014

Raquel is being fostered in Georgia and continues to be evaluated.

Update November 14, 2014

Raquel is adopted.

Update July 15, 2015

I would like to update you on Raquel's adoption.

At the Salt Lake City airport, with me, Raquel and my friend Nancy Darr.
She makes my seventh Kerry and each one has had their own little Kerry way... All on their terms!!! Raquel is the sweetest most lovable precious Girl! The history that I know is that she was raised in Florida, from there she went to a Foster in Georgia. And thanks to Diane Collins arrived to me in Salt Lake City on Oct. 14 2014. It was a very long journey for her:
  • a two hr. drive with from her foster family in Georgia to meet Diane ,
  • then another two hr. drive to Atlanta with an overnight stay in a hotel,
  • the next morning boarding a Delta flight to Salt Lake City, Utah, and
  • in my arms...
  • she then hopped In the car for a six hr. ride to Boise, Idaho and her new home.

Of course it was dark when we arrived in Boise so she had a big surprise the next morning. I am certain she was doted on because she has wonderful manners and is very smart!!!

We have nice long walks morning and evening on the nature trail by the Boise River. She has met many new canine friends and is very spoiled with attention by all the folks passing by. Many have never seen a Kerry Blue so they are very curious about her.

She goes to Camp Bow Wow three days a week while I go to the gym, run errands and ride my bike.

She has a bit of anxiety about separation and it is a work in progress but we are making some good strides. Itt might be more my anxiety than hers.

Snowshoeing in Sun Valley

This past winter she had a day of total freedom to run and play with other dogs while snowshoeing in Sun Valley. She had a huge smile on her face!!!

There was a funny episode on the nature trail one morning when I tried her off leash and she met a Russian wolf hound, also off leash, and they both took off!!! Needless to say I was beside myself but the hounds person said don't worry they will come back!!! Bless Raquel's heart it was a real job keeping up with that hound but she did pretty good!!

When it rains and she needs her paws wiped off she will sit up and give me one then the other.

We are leaving tomorrow for Sun Valley and she will play by a lake with my sons Lab and I am anxious to see if she swims. There is a creek beside our house and she was very curious about the ducks and geese but now does not pay any attention to them. However the squirrels drive her crazy with their teasing.

Someone had to have a broken heart to part with her she is so beautiful, loving and sweet.

Thanks to the Foster family and Diane's hard work I am blessed with this most precious girl. My warmest regards and thank you to all that made this adoption happen! We are both blessed and happy, happy campers.
Betty Sawyer Blattman


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