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Welcome to the fascinating world of Kerry Blue Terriers

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2014 Rescue Kerries Placed: Maddy


© 2016 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Rescue Coordinator: George Hanna

Fostered in Georgia

Maddy, 10 year old male...This Little Piggy Stayed at The Vets...Ouch!

Maddy is a purebred Kerry that was turned into us when his elderly owners could no longer keep up with him.

This boy had ripped a toenail and, in the process, ripped off half his toe. Because of a bad infection, his toe had to be removed. The Foundation footed (pardon the bad pun) the extensive bill.

In spite of this, he is a happy, bouncy boy. The vet was shocked at his age. He said he would have pegged him at 6 or 7 based on his activity level. He is alert and said to be a "Velcro" dog. he wants to be where you are! A lap is also his favorite place to cuddle.

Maddy is neutered, up to date on all his shots and has had a dental. He will be evaluated as he recuperates and updates will follow.

In the meantime, take a look at this handsome gentleman! He is being fostered in Ga.

Update May 19

Good news, good news and more good news!

Maddy is doing well in foster care and recovering well from his toe surgery. He has to be held back from playing all the time because he would just run and play until he drops!

Maddy had one slight disagreement with one younger Kerry male but gets along great with another male and several Kerry females. He should do fine in a home by himself (he has always been an only child!) or with a female. He is enchanted with the resident kindergartener but has had no exposure to cats.

We had Maddy listed at the age of 12 but heard from his original vet that he is only 10......oh goody....still a puppy and he acts like it.

Maddy is looking for his own yard, his own bed and his own people. He is one fine Southern Gentleman and will make a great (if goofy lapdog) companion.

You can see in the pictures, he likes to go for rides. At least he thinks he does. He is waiting for the chauffer to show up.

Update June 21, 2014

More pictures of Maddy and his buddies.

Maddy is in front.

Update October 8, 2014

Rescue lost a fine old soul and Southern gentleman this past week. Maddy came into rescue early this past Spring. He was a little older than most of our rescues and he needed some medical attention and a safe place to stay. The vet referred to him, affectionately, as "Old Man". He had spring in his step when he came into rescue and charmed those around him.

Some wonderful fosters stepped up and gave him many months of joy. He played with other Kerries, he ate with other Kerries and he got to see some Kerry puppies. He adored his foster mom and followed her everywhere. Some days he played so hard that he just had to flop down and take a nap. We never found a perfect match for Maddy but he was in heaven where he was.

2 weeks ago, Maddy started to slide downhill, slowly at first. It became evident this week that he was in pain and not having fun with his pals any more. Maddy was released from a tired, old and well used body on October 9th.

Maddy was "ours". He had a name and he had a place and he will be mourned and missed. Every life counts.

Thank you to all donors and volunteers who support the Foundation and made it possible for Maddy to go to a place where he was able to be safe and play in the sunshine at the end of his golden years.

God Speed "Old Man". Thanks for the lesson of graceful aging and joyous days.

Dianne Collins
Rescue Director-East




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