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2014 Rescue Kerries Placed: Lizzie


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Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Fostered in New England

Original Rescue Write-Up

The Kerry rescue folks are delighted to introduce Lizzy, a 10-yo purebred Kerry who is in need of a new home because her mom babysits for young humans every day, and lately it seems that preschool-aged children are just not fun for Lizzie anymore (she tolerated them very well in the past, but apparently has had enough).

Lizzie is reportedly a lovely girl, who mostly has been an indoor dog (fully housebroken), is not a big barker, and is well-socialized to other dogs and loves people and would probably be fine with older children. She can be scared of loud noises, but is good for the vet and the groomer. She is healthy, pretty, and playful, according to her owner, and wants nothing more than to be next to her people. Lizzie needs a home sooner rather than later, and will need a foster home if a new forever home takes awhile to find.

According to her owner, Lizzie would be a lovely companion for anyone who does not have young children in the home, but we also would like to see her to go to someone who has plenty of time to spend with her, as she's used to being at her owner's side pretty much 24/7.

Lizzie lives in New England.

For more information on Lizzie, please contact Sharon Arkoff at

Update: May 20, 2014

Lizzy has been placed.

Update: June 7, 2014

Here she is and then one with Little Kitty. This is after one week in FL. She had a trip to the vet this week and was fearless - receiving a great bill of health. Needs teeth cleaning and was put on antibiotics for something on her nose. The next day she went to the groomer for a FL haircut. Not the perfect Kerry cut but works for our 90+ degree temperatures. Never in a million years would we have thought this would work out this well. She is the perfect dog!! (And we thought we had already had the perfect Kerry with our Charlie!)

Definitely believe he had something to do with seeing she was in our lives! The work you and the organization do on behalf of this breed is astonishing. We are so grateful!

Judi and Barry McDonald

Update: October 23, 2014

Lizzy is definitely a work in progress. She has made great strides in the 4 1/2 months we have had her. She still won't walk in the neighborhood but does well going to the farmers' market and is really a wild thing chasing a tennis ball at the dog park. We put her in the "small dog" section and all the little dogs love her and run with her as she retrieves the ball. She is learning to drop the ball and has mastered telling us when she has had enough and is ready to leave. She also has quit grabbing her food and going to a corner to eat but is quite the gobbler!! Might be because Barry now cooks for her.

It is hard to figure out a lot of her reasons for doing things. We kinda think she might have been mistreated in a previous life and surely must have had to fight someone else for food. Being novices in dog behavior it is all a guess.

We now have her on melatonin to help her sleep and milk thistle for her liver. Both have help immensely. We had tried various prescriptions but none produced the results we see with her current pills.

She seems terribly happy with her new life and we are over the moon with her progress. She is such a sweetheart and we are blessed to have in our lives. Many thanks to all who helped us get to this point.

Hugs to all at the KBTF!

Judi and Barry McDonald





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