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2014 Rescue Kerries Placed: Berry


© 2016 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Blueberry, a 7 year old male, now called Berry

Rescue Coordinator: Linda Grisley

Was temporarily fostered in Toronto, Canada 

Rescue Write-Up

Ah, my Cherie amour...

In February, the Foundation received word of a Kerry Blue on death row in France. (Yes, in Europe!) The internet was abuzz with the story that his owner had died and the person entrusted with his estate put Blueberry into a shelter with instructions to euthanize him. The breeder was found and retrieved BlueBerry in time. Ironically, the only offers for taking in Blueberry came from California and Ontario… would think that a home could be found closer but it looks like Ontario, Canada is the closest we could get. Right now our wonderful volunteer, Louise Lang, is booked to fly to Paris tomorrow to pick him up. (Personal pickup actually worked out to be cheaper than pet transport from Europe!)

I can't count how many people have been involved in this exercise. New friends have been made in rescue organizations in France to whom we will be forever grateful. They have a network of transporters like our Zeemaps! So many individuals offered a portion of their time that, once put together, results in a monumental effort to save a life.

The Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation will go to any lengths possible to save a Kerry Blue. Unfortunately, the cost of doing so is expensive. Please take a moment to go to the web site and look at BlueBerry. This handsome Frenchman would very much appreciate donations to take some pressure off the cost of his recovery, which is currently about $3000 Canadian. Please donate on the web site in Canadian dollars.

Once Blueberry is in Canada and assessed, he may be up for adoption. What we know now is that he has lived with his owner since a pup. He is 7 years old, neutered and friendly to humans, but does not like other male dogs or cats. We have a temporary housing situation for him when he arrives next Thursday, but would LOVE someone to offer to foster him while we find a permanent home.


Linda Grisley
Rescue Director, Canada

Update April 26: A Trans-Atlantic Flight

Report from our transporter, Louise Lang.

When introduced to Blueberry it didn’t take him long to show me his French roots - within seconds of our meeting he was kissing me!!!

“Berry Berry” walked well on a loose leash. He wanted to say “hello” to everyone, especially men. At the Paris airport, I turned around to find his tail going a mile a minute while being hugged by a six year old girl.

We had fun clicker training. Even though he had obviously never heard this sound before, he quickly caught on that the food in my outstretched hand could only be had once he looked directly at me. Both nights in our hotel room he lay quietly on the floor while I ate my dinner. His body posture told me that he would enjoy having his tummy rubbed, which I was only happy to do. So, language was no barrier – he was very attentive and responsive to me and a fast learner.

For over 11 hours, while in transit, he kept his crate clean, despite all the strange people & surroundings. In Toronto, once we found grass, it took him so long to urinate that he couldn’t keep holding his foot up and had to change legs!!!

Wandering around the Toronto arrival area, preoccupied talking on the phone to my husband, I heard “woof, woof”. Blueberry recognized my voice while inadvertently I had passed his crate - he wanted to let me know where he was!!!! What a sweetheart.

I would love to give Blueberry a home but my Betty will not accept any dog, male or female. So someone else out there in the Kerry world is going to have a wonderful loving companion in Blueberry.

Update July 17, 2014: Placed!

It is with great satisfaction that I can announce that BlueBerry, our French
import, has found his forever home! BlueBerry was in foster care for a few
months because he needed some surgery on some growths and the beggar kept
getting at the stitches on his foot, so his recovery was a little longer
than we had anticipated. His adoptive home waited patiently for his
recuperation and two weeks ago he made the move to the upper NY State. He
will keep Muriel and Ralph company and provide much amusement, I am sure.

BlueBerry is now going to be called Blu (a little easier to type, too).

Many, many thanks to so many of our Kerry family who donated to the Kerry
Blue Terrier Foundation of Canada on his behalf. Your generosity greatly
helped us defray some of the costs of his importation and veterinary care.
Thanks to Louise Lang for going to get him and to Heather Taylor for
fostering him, taking care of his vet needs, and giving him a good start to
life in Canada/U.S.

Blu made it from 'death row' to a new life.

Linda Grisley
Rescue Director - Canada

Please donate on the web site to the KBTF of Canada.

Update January, 2015

Blueberry is one happy boy. We adore him and he seems to like us too.

At Christmas, we had Louise Lang and George Moad visit us. Blueberry warmly welcomed them. They brought him toys and goodies to eat. Louise took a couple of videos of Berry.

It is like he has always lived with us. He has his own bed next to ours. HE WON!

He is such a good boy though....we love having him nearby. Never a peep out of him until we rise. He is not skinny anymore....but looks very healthy and is.

Berry is definitely our boy.

Thanks again to all of you for letting us adopt him.

Muriel Bramble

Update February, 2015

Berry has a special purple Sherpa blanket. I gave it to him to sleep on in front of the fireplace when he first arrived. He didn't seem interested in it so I tried to take it away. I heard a big dropped the blanket....the only time Berry has growled at me.

The blanket became very important from that time on. He would chew up pieces of it and make spitballs. Then he would do what you see in the with it. When he tired, he would fold it all up and lay on it. Everyday, he does this. Favorite toy....favorite comfort. The only thing is, it is full of holes and.......getting smaller.

I finally found another one on ebay and I have sent for it, because I don't know how much longer his old one will last. It might be hard to part with one day. I will listen for the growl. We call the blanket "Mommy." Wonder if he was taken from his own Mommy too early. He loves "Mommy." 



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