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2007 Carolina Blues Rescue: Cialey


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Rescue Coordinator for the Southwest

The three year old girl, a Russian import, will be going to live with Marian Moses
in Sun Valley, NV. Marian couldn't be at the airport last night so Jourdy
and Stu Bacon offered her bed-and-breakfast. Last night she was joyous and
turning herself inside out to greet us all. This morning Stu reports that
she has calmed down a bit but moves with him everywhere in the house. They
have been for a walk around the block and are now communing in the kitchen
where he is tempting her to eat with some special treats. At 27 lbs she
needs to eat well and put on some weight. I'm just getting ready to head
over to their home and pick her for the next leg of her journey to meet with
Marian and her new brother, Ciarin after which they will head back up to
Nevada. This little girl's new name will be Cialey.

When I finally got home at 3 am, returning to my own dogs Tristan really
gave me the once over. He checked every inch of the sweat pants I was
wearing, reading the news of who is new in town!

Just a last note, the little girl with Kim and Jim has family in this area.
The Foundation rescued two of her sisters in the last 18 months. They are
Darlin' Darla who lives with Howard and Jill Berger in Napa and Nuala
(formerly known as Hope) who I fostered for a month and then placed with
Jennifer Simms in Vallejo. We're all looking forward to a family reunion.

More as time passes

Marian's Carolina Blues girl (the Russian import) is the sister to:
Lexie #384 from the Rocky Comfort Rescue

Jan in Santa Ynez, CA
Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, Rescue Director

From: my3kerries@COMCAST.NET
Subject: [KBL] The next chapter
Date: July 26, 2007 9:48:27 PM PDT

Today was the next chapter but to tell it I need to go back a couple of
steps. When Jan first told me we probably had kids coming into rescue soon I gave a sigh and thought about the applications I had received recently. Kim and Jim were a done deal, we had been talking since April and I knew that they would take be a perfect home for a Kerry - but beyond that my basket was empty. On Monday, July 16th I got up early in the morning and checked my email. There was an email from Jan from late the night before telling me that there were three dogs coming and we needed homes for two, it had been sent late the night before. Just below it, sent very early that morning, was an application from Marian with whom I had placed a male about a year ago. Her note said it was time and that she and Ciarin were ready
for a little girl. When I phoned Marian later that morning I got chills up
and down my spine. Marian said "I just had a feeling, something made me get
up out of bed and send my application then. I knew it couldn't wait." Do
you think this little girl was meant to go to Marian and Ciarin?

Well today Cialey joined the Moses household. After our late night last
night I had planned to sleep late, but my dogs didn't agree and the phone kept ringing so we were up at the usual time. After leaving the puppy I'm babysitting in my mother's reliable care I drove back across the bridge to pick Cialey up from the Bacons. They had discovered that Cialey is a jumper. One minute she was sitting next to Stu as he worked at the computer and the next thing he knew she was in the middle of his desk (all fours in the middle of the desk!) Their two grandsons had come over to visit with their Kerry Nikki and everyone was getting along just fine. Around 1 pm Cialey and I climbed back in the car and headed off to rendezvous with Marian and
Ciarin. We met up in Benicia where Marian will be spending the night at a 
Best Western Hotel. Cialey and I got there first so we found a place to park
in the shade, took a walk and then went back to the car to listen to the
newest Harry Potter book and wait. Cialey stretched out on the back seat and
took a snooze. When Marian arrived Cialey jumped up and out of the car,
ready to give kisses and wag both ends. She really reminds me of the dog in
Ludwig Bemmelmans' book Castle Number Nine, suitably named "Friend at Both
Ends". When Marian brought Ciarin over to meet Cialey she deposited Kerry
kisses on his face as well. Ciarin seems delighted with his new little

The Moses family unit are spending the night in Benicia then traveling up to
Sacramento to see Grandma and Grandpa before returning to Nevada. Marian
has taken time off of work to get to know her new little girl and I know
that everything will be just fine.

Eileen Andrade
Rescue Coordinator for the Southwest

Cialey with her new mom, Marian


Subject: Carolina Blues Rescue, Update on Cialey (Kiley)
Date: July 31, 2007 12:05:26 AM PDT

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude belong with all of those who brought Cialey (Kiley) into mine and Ciarin’s life. She is such a wonderful addition to our family. As Eileen had already eluded to, it is my sincere belief that
this union was meant to be. I can’t explain what made me wake up and get out of bed at midnight, to fill out a
new adoption questionnaire, and send it off when I did, just at the time that Eileen was informed of three babies needing homes. All I can say is, “WOW!”

Cialey is settling in to her new home and family life quite well. For a little being that’s been through so much,
she has a remarkable personality and temperament. She’s timid and skittish of many sounds, but she’s adventurous and friendly, and loves giving kisses. Within 2 minutes of being at grandma & grandpa’s, for the first time, she made herself at home in bed with grandpa, much to his delight. Ciarin and I spend a great deal of time at two of the local dog parks, one is 22 acres, the other while only 2 acres, it’s also a water park with lots of activity. Cialey has made friends and played at both parks until she practically drops, but she has not shortage of energy.

Cialey is a fast learner. She learned to use the doggy door after only being shown once how to go out and once how to come back in. Somehow she instinctively knows to use is when she has to potty, no training was necessary.

She had her first visit with her new vet on July 30, and was micro-chipped. He also provided drops for the infection in her eye. He said she needs to gain about 10 lbs, but otherwise, she’s in good shape. She didn’t eat for the first couple of days, but now she is eating 3 small meals per day, and I think she’ll put on that 10 lbs in no time.

Before I turn the page over to Cialey to tell you what she wants you to know, I again have to express my gratitude, first, to the Kerry Blue Foundation and its supporters, for being here for us all, to Jordy & Stu Bacon, Ron Ledbetter, and the rescue coordinator with the mostess, Eileen Andrade, for helping to bring Ciarin & Cialey into our family. This page isn’t large enough to express the love that I feel for these two little guys…Thank you all!

Cialey has a few things of her own that she would like to share:

Hi, My name is Cialey, and I’m recovering from the confines of a puppy mill. I have a new family and am being exposed to a whole new and exciting way of life. Here are some of my discoveries, just from the four or five days I’ve spent in my new life:

Barking at the neighbor dogs is fun. I’m small enough to stand on the back of the sofa and bark at them,
but I have to be sure mom is close by, just in case they’re close enough to get to me.

People food is better than dog food, and cheddar cheese rules!

My big brother Ciarin, has taught me that the fish flavored water from the pond is better than fresh water.

Mom’s hairpiece is a load of fun to play with. When mom caught me with it, she called me a little stinker.

Watching TV is fun! I can bark at the dogs on T.V. and they don’t bark back.

Making mommy look like a fool is fun! When I unexpectedly started running in and out of the doggie door all by myself, after only being shown how to do it twice, mommy, who was talking on the phone, began screaming with excitement because I learned after being in my new home for just a few hours…what’s the big deal? Yeah, it took Ciarin four days and lot’s of treats to learn it, but everyone knows that boys always have to do things the hard way…TREATS!…ummm wait a minute….maybe HE’S the smart one…

Shopping baskets at Lowe’s Hardware are fun to jump out of while they’re rolling. That nice lady, Eileen, who gives good puppy kisses, warned my mom when she delivered me that I love to jump!

There are so many scary sounds in my world, like the sound of water running in the sink or shower—it scares the bejeezus out of me and I run from the room every time I hear it….oh, and heavens to mergatroid, there are these little dogs in my backyard that my mom calls birds. Sometimes they make a terrible racket and it scares me silly.

My mom, whose nickname is Imelda Marcos, said she'll skin me if she catches me running up and down the hall again with her shoe in my mouth…sheez, humans-- they’re so neurotic!

It’s a really good idea to retreat to the next room when my brother Ciarin is eating. Sometimes he acts like he doesn't like me, but I think I'm growing on him. When we were taking a walk today, I sneaked a kiss on his ear.

Humans have this all wrong! Beds were made for dogs. I can’t believe I’m just discovering this.

Grandma & grandpa’s bed is more fun because it’s higher than ours at home, and remember, I love to jump.

My mom proudly shared pictures of me at a wedding last night. She should have just taken me. I hear the food was great!

My new mommy gives Ciarin and me great puppy massages, a couple of times a week. Ahhh, the good life.

There’s this really cool place to hang out called the Marina! It has a water park for dogs, and there’s a bakery there called Scraps. Mom takes us there a few times a week. She was in hopes that I would eventually
become comfortable going in to the water, which I did almost immediately. Now, because I go so far in, up to my neck, she says my heinie is still so narrow until I've put on some weight, she’s afraid I’ll drown. Make up your mind mom. Humans are so neurotic...

My mom bought me new pink heart-shaped feeding and drinking dishes, a pink rhinestone collar, and a plush new crate liner! I think I’m going to get use to this life very quickly.


Cialey at the Best Western Motel on delivery day     Exploring New Garden


  Ciarin & Cialey in the marina


Taking a walk after a romp at the marina                      A door of one's own!

Making sure the neighbor dogs aren't coming

From: Marian Moses []
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2007 7:51 PM
To: Eileen Andrade
Subject: Pictures

My staff bought this shirt for me and gave it to me today. Cialey is still going to work with me, but not because I'm afraid to leave her home. Everyone loves having her there. She's an absolute doll. She stays either in my chair, next to my chair, or on my desk . She is so well behaved. She's still very skittish though. I'm trying to expose her to as much as possible so that she becomes more comfortable with the outside world. Just the rattling of a piece of paper almost sent her through the roof.

Ciarin has now accepted her as part of the household. He's even allowing her to eat from his dish. It's amazing to me that it happened so quickly, but I made sure that I didn't give her attention without calling him over and giving him an equal amount of attention. There were times that I brought both into my lap together so they could be close to one another while both being petted together. Ciarin even sneaked a kiss on her the other day. She has sneaked two on him. I have two perfect little babies, and I have you to thank for it!

I'll be in touch,


From: Marian Moses <>
Subject: Cialey's birthday
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 07:12:21 +0000

March 26th was Cialey's 4th birthday. She and Ciarin enjoyed a birthday dinner of steak, rice, gravy, and peas.


Subject: Cailey, Carolina Blues Update
Date: July 25, 2009 4:18:35 PM PDT

Well it’s me again, Cialey from the Carolina Blues Rescue.

It’s been two eventful years since I joined my new family. Ciarin, my big brother (also from Kerry Blue Rescue) doesn’t like to admit it, but I very quickly grew on him-- I can tell by how protective he is of me at the dog park, and every now and then, he sneaks a kiss on me. He doesn’t even bite me when I sneak a kiss on him. It’s amazing how much he loves me, considering how bossy I am and how much I antagonize him.

My mom says I’m bad, which I take to mean good -- it has to -- I'm too cute for it to mean anything else! Mom says it’s just my nature to be that way. She has nicknamed me “Little Miss Baddy,” and grandma says I'm a typical girl cuz I'm so bossy.

I've come a long way, emotionally. The first year that I was here, I was fearful of everything and everyone! I was even afraid of the sound of water running in the house. It took many hours of my mom exposing me to many different situations, environments, and group training for improvement. Fortunately before she retired, mom worked for the animal friendly public library system here and was able to take me to work with her on a regular basis.

I'm still shy and timid, especially around groups of people, but I've come a long way.

Ciarin & me w/mom Easter 2008 (left)

Mom has the nerve to think she should share “our” bed.  It’s only queen-sized -- barely enough room for Ciarin and me. (right)




Grandpa is ill and sometimes we move in to care for him & grandma.  Ciarin and I are great nurses.

Ciarin sits patiently while one of the twins feeds him black-eyed peas, one at a time, New Years day.


Camping 2008, Eagle Lake ,
near Susanville, California.






Mom let’s me lead the hike at Osprey Trail. This is an important job! (left)

Camping Easter 2009 (right)




Camping is exhausting!
Ciarin and I are glad mom bought us this camper. (left)

In the camper) I can’t believe mom made me get out of bed to eat. (right)



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