Articles about Hermaphroditism

A first-hand Experience with Hermaphroditism 11 July 2015
by Peter and Terry Stockman

Our fine Kerry Blue, Kelly, is an XXSR hermaphrodite. She was diagnosed by our vet in CT when she was being catheterized for a spay procedure. Neither the breeders or the owners were aware of the condition.

Research Paper Summary: Intersexuality in a family of Kerry Blue Terriers 11 July 2015
by Daryl Enstone, MSc

An 8 week old Kerry Blue Terrier puppy was submitted to Prof. Williamson for examination. It was one of three hermaphroditic pups produced by a breeder in three separate litters.

Updated Information on XX Sex Reversal (Hermaphroditism) in Kerry Blue Terriers 11 July 2015
by Dr. Vicki Meyers-Wallen

I do not know the gene that is causing this. Right now we are concentrating on this condition in the American cocker spaniel because I have the pedigree information, DNA etc, on enough animals to get a good analysis.

XX Sex Reversal: Some Questions and Answers 11 July 2015
by Daryl Enstone, MSc

SRY-negative XX sex reversal (XXSR) is a type of hermaphroditism that affects a number of dog breeds (at least 15 breeds), including the Kerry Blue Terrier. It is currently believed to be inherited as a simple autosomal recessive defect.

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