Kerry Blue Terrier Adoption Request Form (ARF)

Kid and Kerry Blue

Use this form to apply to adopt a Rescue Kerry, or to introduce yourself to a breeder if you are interested in purchasing a puppy.

The questions are meant to help you determine if a Kerry is the right breed for you, and to guide you in thinking about all the ways a dog will impact your life. The questions address various aspects of dog ownership that should be given serious consideration before you decide to share your life with any dog. Your answers help assess your suitability as a home for a Kerry, and to match a dog to your particular lifestyle and expectations.

There are 10 sections to the form:

  • You and Your Family
  • Preferences
  • Why a Kerry?
  • Pet Ownership
  • Your Home
  • Your Yard
  • Care & Responsibility
  • Behavior & Training
  • Commitment
  • References, Placement Information, Certification, and Application Handling

There are two ways to complete the Questionnaire.

1. Print and mail

  • Print the Application form
  • Send the completed form to the KBTF:
    • By Mail (address on the form). Expect a response in 4-6 weeks.
    • Scan and email the form to Expect a response in a week.

2. Online Application

What is next?

May we kindly suggest a donation of $25 to help our volunteers with their rescue work? Your donation will not influence your chances of adopting a Kerry.

You will be contacted by our Rescue Administrator, who will assign the application to a local Rescue Coordinator (RC) in your area. You will receive an acknowledgement from the Rescue Administator that your application was received, and provide you with the contact information of your local RC.

The RC in your area will contact you about the application. If you do not hear from your local RC, feel free to contact him/her. If your local RC determines you are eligible for a Kerry Blue Terrier, he/she will put you in contact with the RC who has a Kerry for you. Your primary contact is your local RC.

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