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Canine Commands Do NOT Bear Repeating 06 May 2016
by Jodi Andersen

Once the problem is identified, it's important that you understand how your dog became a selective listener. It's not that our dogs don't want to pay attention to us, it's that by constantly repeating ourselves we've inadvertently taught them that what we say the first time is actually supposed to be ignored.

Canine Mythbusting. How to analyze (and discard!) persistent myths about dog behavior. 15 March 2016
by Pat Miller

Hang with dog folks long enough and you're sure to hear some pretty interesting theories about dog behavior. Some are, of course, useful and accurate, but the dog training world is littered with myths, many of which are at least several generations old. Some of them are just silly; some have the potential for causing serious damage to the dog-human relationship; and still others are downright dangerous. It's time to get past the myths.

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Lore Haug of Sugar Land, Texas, recently compiled a comprehensive list of dog behavior myths. With her blessing, we're sharing 10 of our "favorites" from her list,

Congratulations on your new old dog! 11 April 2016
by Kathy Santo

When is a new dog not a puppy? When she's an adult. Whether adopted through purebred rescue, a shelter, or from a breeder looking to rehome a retired champion, not every family's "new" dog is a puppy. In fact, as word gets out about the advantages of adopting purebred non-puppies, more families are considering that option. Here's the lowdown on the ages and stages after puppyhood.

Dog Commands 11 April 2016

Common dog commands in Russian and Spanish

Finding a Dog Trainer 11 April 2016
by Dorothy Turley, CPDT

Tips, suggestions: how can you find a trainer that is right for you?

Finding Time to Train 06 May 2016
by Kathy Santo

The good news is that you actually have more time than you may think. I have some simple suggestions for retooling your schedule a bit to carve out 15 minutes a day for teaching your dog some basic commands. Yes, just 15 minutes will do it, though to be clear, I'm speaking of teaching formal commands as opposed to the socialization aspect of dog ownership...

Good manners can turn a puppy into a S.T.A.R 11 April 2016

To help owners better discharge the responsibilities that accompany the joys of dog ownership, the AKC developed its Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program. It's a noncompetitive certification program that helps people become responsible dog owners.

Humans: 101 06 May 2016
by Tess of Helena

Do our dogs train us? You bet! In a new book, Training People, one canine reveals the secret of how they do it.

Is a Head Halter Right For Your Dog? 23 January 2017
by Tufts Your Dog - 2016

Why the head halter can be misunderstood
Much of the problem with head halters is that using one correctly is not intuitive; it takes time to get the hang of it. In large part, that's because "most people who work with dogs are trained to use corrections, so they put a firm yank on the leash when they want a dog to come along or not antagonize another dog, or a person," Dr. Borns-Weil says. "But if you do that with a head halter, it undermines its potential for effectiveness.

Raising Smart Puppies 06 May 2016
by D. Caroline Coile, PhD.

As is the case for all puppies, these Kerry Blue Terriers playtime is a crucial factor in developing intelligence and establishing desirable behaviors.

The 5 Biggest Dog Training Myths 06 May 2016
by Kathy Santo

In this column I want to address (and maybe put to rest forever!) the dog-training myths that I'm asked about on a daily basis.

Training the Terrier 06 May 2016
by Renee deVilliers

Dog Training & Behavior Modification with Your Dog's Special Word and Training

Uncovering the Secrets of those Lovable, Trainable Terriers 06 May 2016
by Carol Lea Benjamin

Terrier training tips, advice

What do dogs want? Food? Love? A job? A walk around the block with the new dog 06 May 2016
by Jim Holt, Boston Globe 8/10/2003

What makes dogs happy? Tips for raising a happy dog.

When Canine Misbehavior is Medical 06 May 2016
by Cate Kulak

'A thorough health exam is key when dealing with aggressive behavior,' says oyner, 'because training cannot work when there is a medical cause for the behavior being addressed.' The goal was to uncover and treat an underlying medical issue possibly causing the Lab's aggression, or rule out the health factor and address the aggression as purely behavioral.

Pain and discomfort are understandable causes of aggression, but there are other causes of aggression that hold their roots in medical issues. Hormone imbalances, tick-borne viruses, and even head trauma and brain tumors can cause a dog to become aggressive. Once identified, many of these issues can be eased through medical treatment or naturopathic remedies

Why Does My Dog Do That? 06 May 2016
by Nicholas Dodman, DVM

What is the universal play position or down-play position? I have a female dog who marks. I thought only males did this? Do dogs have a sense of humor? Why does it take my dog, so long to find just the right spot to urinate, even though I know he really has to go?

Why Kerries Are Hard to Train 09 September 2017
by Linda deLeon

When I took my very first Kerry to a highly-recommended training program, I was told right away by the instructor that he would be hard to train. “Terriers,” she said, “have minds of their own.”

My first thought was “Well! So do I!” (Which just goes to show you that I deserve to have a Kerry.) My Simon was a true terrier and indeed had his own ideas about things, but the three cardinal rules – Patience, Persistence and Consistency – worked very well on him and we loved him through all five years of his regrettably short life.

Still, some aspects of the Kerry temperament do mean that their training requires a bit more patience, persistence and consistency than with other breeds. Let’s take a look at a few of these characteristics.

You call this a Reward? 06 May 2016
by Kathy Santo

One of the most fundamental aspects of dog training involves rewarding your dog when he does what you ask. But what is a reward? In this excerpt from her book Dog Sense, columnist Kathy Santo addresses this question, which is more complicated than it sounds.

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