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Training Books and Reviews



Click to Calm; Healing the Aggressive Dog, by Emma Parsons
Book reviewed by Patty Sontag

I would definitely recommend Click to Calm; Healing the Aggressive Dog by
Emma Parsons. If anyone is ever in a position to attend one of her
workshops, they would benefit greatly, since the workshops (and book) teach
you how to:

  • Desensitize your dog to approaching stranger dogs
  • Allow you to grab your dog's collar without him snapping
  • Have your dog perform canine calming signals, instead of aggressive displays, on cue
  • Have your dog turn and give you eye contact whenever another dog approaches, or you tighten on the leash
  • Use your own body language when under stress as a cue for your dog to remain calm
  • And many more creative and effective uses of managing behavior through clicker training

She, herself, had an aggressive golden retriever, Ben, whom she recently lost to cancer.
For more info about her you can check her web site:

You can contact her through her web site link: You can also read about her here: or just google her name, and many links will come up.

I have met her, she is a wonderful person and trainer, very knowledgeable about dogs and their behavior. People are clamoring to get into her Reactive Dog classes. I believe she is available for private consults, and she regularly runs 7 week class sessions in Massachusetts.

I have to agree: often, we characterize a dog as aggressive, when in fact, it is reactive to certain situations, people or other dogs.

Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right, by Krista Cantrell.
Book reviewed by Natalia Samaj

This book is based on positive training method, but not clicker.

The book is set of exercises/GAMES to train your kerry the right way, keep
it mentally busy and get a rid of bad habits.

It starts with evaluation of the dog, so owner understands how much work your Kerry requires (as a number of repetitions, the kind of approach, treats vs. toys etc.)

I really love the part about how to get and keep dog's attention. I also like the set of games for tricks you want your dog to perform; from simply looking at you, to obedience. The purpose of everything is explained.

There ar plans for bad habit, such as digging, barking, jumping on
people or shyness.

For people who are interested in energetic massage, there is something to read about "chi" and application for your dog.

I found that many traning books require unfriendly pulling or pushing of the
dog to get results. I absolutely do not agree with using prong collar for traning and especially in puppies, although it is adviced by training schools to "get dog's
attention". If a trainer is not able to show the owner how to get dogs' attention in a friendly way, she shouldn't be called a trainer.

This book has a warning for owners of aggressive dogs and recommend seeing
behaviorist, if owner feels dog can be a danger.

The Culture Clash, by Jean Donaldson
Book reviewed by Natalia Samaj

Another gem and "must own" for dog owner. It's a book focused on training based on understading of relationship between dogs and human (especially agressive dogs).

It includes valuable training ideas and also techniques for "mellow" owners and
"problematic" dogs.

Aggression in Dogs, by Brenda Aloff

Practical management, prevention & behavior modification.

It has lots of great pictures, drawings, and good explanations. It's sort of long, but packed with good info.

How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong, by Pamela Dennison

Bringing Light to Shadow, by Pamela Dennison

Fight!, By Jean Donaldson

Mine!, By Jean Donaldson

Dogs are from Neptune, by Jean Donaldson

Dog Language, by Roger Abrantes

Has good pictures, but it is more difficult to see what the eyes & mouth are doing through fall & beard on terriers

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals, by Turid Rugaas

This book is commonly know as "calming Signals"
Some websites with book reviews:

Ruff Love: A Relationship Building Program for You and Your Dog, by Susan Garrett.

It's available through Clean Run Productions, at

Don’t Shoot the Dog, by Karen Pryor

"Susan Garrett is a wonderful resource as is Karen Pryor - I still use my beat up little copy of "Don't Shoot the Dog." Sharon Burnett

So Your Dog's Not Lassie, by Betty Fisher and Suzanne Delzio
Subtitle: "Tips for Training Difficult Dogs and Independent Breeds."

"I have found it to be very helpful This is one author who gets the realities of breeds like Kerries." Janet G. McCallen

Canine Aggression Workbook, by Michael O'Heare

Dog Speak
"Has a section on dog body language. The sample drawings are of dogs without falls or beards, so on a Kerry you can't always see what the book describes. You have to watch closer for twitches in the nose and lips." Sharon Barbee

"Training Your Dog: A Weekly Program for a Well-Behaved Dog, by Jacqui O'Brien
"She's a British trainer who uses extensive photographs and captions to explain her methods, begining with the pups first day home with foundation training all the way to more advanced skills. Anyway, the book's intro has a section dealing with communicating with your dog and understanding his body language, like when a wagging tail isn't necessarily a good thing. It ends with a section dealing with solving problem behaviors, which include several forms of aggression. I find this book a good basic tool and I believe both Barnes & Noble and Amazon have it. Hope this helps." Kate Larson

 GRRRR - Complete Guide to Understanding and Preventing Agressive behavior in Dogs, by Matthew Margolis
"My first and foremost book on Dog Agression. Excellent book on signs and how to identify them plus the 10 different sources of aggression like Fear, Dominant & Territorial! Which we know have a lot to do with TERRIERS." LM Wilkins

Agression in Dogs - Practical Management, Prevention & Behaviour Modification, by Brenda Aloff

 Dog Training for Dummies, by Jack Volhard, Obedience Trainer
"Has several excellent training books, and a website at He and his wife Wendy have formulated a Canine Personality Profile based on the basic drives of pack, prey, fight, and flight. The Profile is on their website, and I think it's also been reproduced in their books. It's an interesting tool for getting an overall picture of your individual dog, so you can know something about where he's coming from. Answer options are in the form of "almost always/sometimes/hardly ever"--best approach is to answer quickly and not overthink each question." Diane

The Other End of the Leash, by Patricia B. McConnell
"This book is about how dogs interpret our body language and voice tones, and how we MISinterpret theirs. I'm reading this now, and it's fascinating." Diane

 The Body Language and Emotions of Dog, by Myrna M. Milani, DVM
"A good and thorough explanation of this topic." Diane

 Dog Behavior, by Ian Dunbar
"Dunbar was one of the first to start exploring and explaining this topic, and he's still one of the best." Diane

 The Right Dog for You, by Daniel Tortora
" Paperback costing $10.50 at Amazon. A no-nonsense book about the pros & cons of all breeds." Paul O. Gygi

 What All Good Dogs Should Know, by Jack Volhard.

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