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Barefoot in the [Dog] Park 06 May 2016
by Janine Adams

While dog parks can be heavenly when all goes well, they can also be a place of discord if dogs (and owners) behave inappropriately. Learning the basics of dog-park etiquette and making sure that your dog is a good candidate for dog-park fun will help make your experience a good one.

Dashing through the Snow. Bundle up and head outdoors for these fun and dog-friendly Winter Games. 11 April 2016
by Michael J. Rosen

In cold weather, both dogs and people tend to get less exercise and enjoy less time in "the great outdoors" even if that's just a fenced in backyard. But with some extra planning, a little snow can create an unofficial Olympic arena! Here are some activities specially designed for snowbound days; and each "event" in this winter Olympiad incorporates an element of training, too, which will reinforce the learning successes that all dogs need.

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun. Engaging in activities you both enjoy will improve your bond. 06 May 2016
by Pat Miller

Sometimes we can get so focused on behavior and training that we forget to have fun with our dogs. I realized some time ago that I had become a behavior addict. I took the premise to heart that "any time you are with your dog one of you is training the other," and became so caught up in reinforcing desired behaviors and preventing reinforcement for undesirable ones that I forgot how to just be with my dogs.

Playing Kerry Blue Games 06 May 2016
by Anne Marie Flynn-Fierke

Kerry Blue Terriers have lots of energy, and need to expend it in order to be the companions extraordinaire that they can be. Kerries don't know what tired is, so the trick is to get them to relax more often than they want to!

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