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Dog Park Etiquette…..for Dogs and Owners! 11 April 2016
by Judy Peacott

If the following etiquette rules were followed, there would be a lot less fighting among both dogs and owners...

How to Introduce a Dog and a Cat. Start Them Out Right With Unhurried Introductions 06 May 2016

You can mitigate problems between cats and dogs with proper introductions. Most people tend to rush introductions between the two species instead of letting them become used to each other. Try the following steps to ensure a happy future together:

Social Dominance in Dogs. In multidog households, a hierarchy exists. Here's how to interpret it 06 May 2016
by Dr. Hetts

Simply put, social hierarchies (some­times called dominance hierarchies or pecking orders) help animals that live in groups to allocate access to important resources. Usually (but not always), ani­mals in more dominant roles in relation­ships have priority access to preferred locations, valuable items and social part­ners. Animals in subordinate roles give way to more dominant ones. In a stable hierarchy, if we were to observe interac­tions in such a group, we'd likely see subordinate animals often avoiding more dominant ones.

The Dog Days of Summer. Barking, digging and running away are some of the hazards of leaving your dog alone outside. 06 May 2016

The summer months are particularly hard on our dogs, their owners and their neighbors. Open windows let noises in (and out), and the abundance of wildlife makes for mischief. But there are ways to allow your dog to enjoy the weather while keeping him healthy and happy.

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