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What is the Funniest Thing your Kerry has done?


Descriptions such as strong-willed, curious, quick to chase, lively, independent, clever, impulsive, and intense are no surprise to a Kerry Blue Terrier lover. The breed is that, and so much more. It’s no wonder that with their temperament, Kerries can be extremely amusing, although sometimes only in retrospect. “What is the funniest thing your Kerry has done?” This question was posed to Kerry lovers by Suzanne Rodda via the KerryBlues-L newslist. What follows is a compilation by Kathie Macfarlane of some of those charming and funny stories.

Hasenpfeffer for Dinner

Deva, a Kerry, was let out in the yard to romp and play with her companion, a Lab named Daisy. Hearing some odd barking, their owner ran to check. A family of rabbits including about ten little ones was in the yard with the dogs. Hollering for Deva and Daisy to come in the house did absolutely no good. Deva looked back as if to say, “Dad, I am going to have a rabbit!” Running for their lives, the rabbits darted under the cyclone fence with Daisy and Deva at their heels. Approaching the fence, Daisy stopped just next to the fence. Deva in close pursuit, jumped on Daisy’s back, then over the fence followed by Daisy. Running at Greyhound speed, the dogs were not about to obey their owner’s command to come and the chase was on. After a chase of about four blocks, the owner gave up and returned home only to find Deva with a rabbit in her mouth and Daisy with a rabbit in her mouth. Angry at the time, Deva and Daisy’s owner now looks back and laughs at the antics, speed, agility, and ingenuity of his dogs.

Gil Hart of Windswept Kerries


They say imitation is a sign of flattery. Is that true for dogs, too? Suzanne noticed that every time she sneezed, her Kerry, Dee Dee would also sneeze. To see what would happen, Suzanne faked a sneeze and Dee Dee sneezed. Again, Suzanne sneezed, then Dee Dee. The episode escalated into a regular competition. Apparently determined to win, Dee put her whole head action into the sneeze and would sneeze so hard that she would actually propel herself backwards.

Suzanne Rodda

Stop and Smell the Roses

Every time Renee and Regan set foot and paw out the door for a walk, they passed Renee’s mom’s flowerpots. Regan would stop short to stick her snout into the flowers and sniff until she sneezed. Waiting for Regan to finish, Renee learned to stop and smell the flowers as if she had never seen them before. Once again, our dogs can teach us so much.

Renee in Miami

Everyone Loves a Stuffed Animal, Even A Kerry

There is no doubt that Kerries enjoy the quiet time and attention of good snuggles. As our dogs are the objects we enjoy snuggling with, a dog may have his equivalent. Luka would often climb on the couch for a good snuggle. Seeing his lambie on the floor, he would jump down, get his lambie, and then jump back on the couch to continue the snuggle with both Brandi and lambie.

Brandi Brady

All Creatures Great and Small

Meredith enjoyed the time she spent sunning herself on the Chaise Lounge. She would watch ants, bees, flies, or birds for hours. As she was watching the ants carry food to their ant hill, one of the ants dropped the food it was carrying. Meredith sprang into action as if she wanted to help. She returned to the Chaise when she realized the ant was able to take care of the situation on its own.

Suzanne Rodda

Time for Bed

Lexie loves her fuzzy toys and when she deems it to be bedtime, she’ll collect two or three of her toys in her mouth and proceed to poke each of the family members in turn with her toys to signal that it is time for bed. In the morning, she deposits several of her toys at the door of her Anne's son’s room seemingly as an offering to a person she adores.

Anne Corke

Treasures for Peggy

Peggy was a great Kerry for collecting things. The success of a walk was judged by the prize she brought home. Common catches were golf balls, tennis balls, baseballs, and even basketballs although rather hard to carry home. Some of the more memorable catches were an old toothbrush, a decapitated Barbie doll, and assorted dried up cobs of corn. Like beauty, apparently treasures are in the eye of the beholder, maybe the even in the olfactory sense as well.

Anne Corke

Kerry Blue Carrier

Renny has become quite the pack-rat. She started out carrying 1 or 2 chewie bones. Now she’s collected 7 or 8 and can stack and carry as many as 6 at one time. Renny’s answer to all of life’s little troubles is to harvest as many items as possible and gather them quickly. Perhaps she’s writing and testing a Kerry equivalent to a disaster plan for the next hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or pet store liquidation sale.

Sharon Burnett

Rascal’s Humor

Rascal’s funniest stunt has been on the agility course. She will have a perfect run going and be close to the end when she sports that Kerry twinkle in her eyes and she’ll go off course on purpose. Sometimes she’s gone all the way across the course, run through a tunnel, and then always come back to finish. Isn’t the breed known to be independent and impulsive? Maybe a sense of humor should be added to their description.

Sharon Burnett

Toilet Paper Caper

As a busy twenty-some, I would always take my Danny Boy to my parents to puppy sit. He very much enjoyed the attention from his “grandparents” and his brother, Timmy. The puppies were in their early teen-age development, but usually very good together so they had the run of the house. Often, if they were left alone, we would return to find toilet paper, one continuous portion, strewn throughout several rooms. How could dogs do this without breaking the paper at the perforations? It happened repeatedly until one day, they forgot themselves. People were still at home! We observed Timmy standing on his hind legs actually unrolling the paper with his front paws while Danny started running through the house with the end in his mouth.

Kathie Macfarlane

Concerto for Flute and Kerry

Our KBT, Willy, loves when my daughter practices her flute. When he hears her starting, he rushes to her side and begins to vocalize. He seems to be partial to "Danny Boy" and a John Philip Sousa march. He also practices his modulation----when she is soft, he is soft. I noticed yesterday that now the ADT is joining in. He has a much deeper voice and not as much breath control. Wills can hold the notes much longer and do trills.

Shannon Whiting

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