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Top Twenty Dog Terms Explained!


Anonymous Kerry Blue Terrier owner

  1. SPECIALTY: Whatever your dog is good at, like bringing home dead cats or chewing the walls.
  2. BALANCE: Ability to hold coffee, danish, leash, treats and entry form all at once.
  3. CRABBING: What you do when the judge doesn't like way your dog moves.
  4. FORCE FETCH: Dog drops the toy under furniture, scratches at the carpet until you're forced to "fetch" it.
  5. BLIND RETRIEVE: When you can't see the toy under the furniture.
  6. DOUBLE BLIND: Finding two toys under the furniture.
  7. PEDIGREE: Dog food with lots of great coupons.
  8. MULTI-GENERATIONAL PEDIGREE: Something you should have read first.
  9. CGC: Canine Gastrointestinal Catastrophe (aka GAS)
  10. DISTEMPER: Shown by those hot-headed competitors.
  11. TYPE: What your dog has...if you turn down the lights and squint a little.
  12. UTILITY: The kind of vehicle you need to haul around your dogs.
  13. FLY BALL: Neutering.
  14. QUALIFYING SCORE: Justifying the 170.5 you got in obedience today.
  15. HEEL: What you feel like when your dog won't heel during the exercise.
  16. RIBBONS: What you want to cut the other exhibitors into, after their "pet" wins.
  17. BITCH: To complain heartily.
  18. DOG: To chase a judge from show to show in an effort to attain more breed wins.
  19. GUARD HAIR: An activity in which one watches intently as the dog's hair falls out, in clumps, just after entries are mailed.
  20. OVERSHOT: Running so fast as to pass the 1st place ring marker and plow into the judge and the stewards.

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