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Titles Any Kerry Can Earn


Submitted by Barb Thompson 

  • ARB (ace refrigerator bandit)
  • BW (butt wagger)
  • BWX (butt wagger excellent)
  • CC (cat - courser)
  • CCX (cat - courser excellent)
  • CP (couch potato)
  • CPX (couch potato excellent)
  • CSX (counter surfer extrordanaire)
  • GFIY (go fetch it yourself)
  • IDDI (I didn't do it)
  • ILF (I like food)
  • ILLF (I like lots of food)
  • IWFF (I work for food)
  • LD (lap dog)
  • LDX (lap dog excellent)
  • TBF (thick but friendly)
  • TGS (terribly good snorer)
  • TGAN (terribly good at nothing)
  • TSIM (that seat is mine)
  • TTIM (that toy is mine)
  • UNCD (under the covers dog)
  • UNCDX (under the covers dog excellent)
  • WM (who me ?)

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Today is July 21, 2019

In this month in 1931:

Ch. Ben Edar Blaise was born. He can be found in most US Kerry's pedigrees.

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