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Love a Kerry. Go to heaven.

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My Uncle Camelot


My name is Chanel and I am 5 years old in 1999 I came to live in Tennessee with Chelo, Tom and Camelot. I was born in New York City at Liberty Kennel and Chelo flew to New York and picked me from a litter of 5 boys and 2 girls ...I was the chosen one!

Anyway, when I walked into the house I was met and greeted by a beautiful doggie who wagged his tail and gave me kissles the minute he saw me... his name is Camelot and he is my official uncle... but really I feel he is like my big brother and my big buddy! We started to play immediately and I must say it was instant love!

We run the length of the house, play hide and seek, run and romp on our red beanie bag and run outside and have so much fun together. I love to play with toys and I share them with Camelot ...he sometimes gets into "my" toy basket and runs off with one of my toys and wants me to run after him..which of course I do and I (he lets me) end up with the toy... he is such a gentry..what a gentleman... Chelo calls him her Little Lord Fauntleroy. Camelot also lets me steal food from his doggie dish at "din din" time.. .BUT... he is the official counter-surfer in this household... and he also gets into the garbage!

Just the other day we got news that Camelot is very sick and has cancer and will not be around much longer... 1 am so very sad to hear this dreadful news ...I see Chelo cry a lot and see her so sad that it saddens me so much that I go up to her and give her some kissles...but I still play with Camelot and I know it makes him feel good.


Tom is extremely saddened by this news but he is a bit stronger than Chelo and he does his crying alone when none of us are around .... I see him alone and very sad ...and bestest girl in the world". I know! will miss my beloved Uncle Camelot.

I am now a big girl and am giving Chelo and Tom the love and support they need... they give me so much love that it is only fair that I am there for them in the great time of sadness... I am a big girl and Camelot's silly little niece!

My new role is to give Camelot all the love I have and share my toys with him ...I even let him steal food out of my dish ...he thinks he is getting special food ...but Chelo gives us the same food... silly little boy... my uncle Camelot!

I know I will miss my uncle my "big buddy"...but I must live in the moment and enjoy each and every day we all have together... with Chelo, Tom and Camelot.


woof ...buggles...kissles...and my paw ...Chanel

P.S. I know that when Camelot gets to Doggie Heaven he is going to teach the amateur kerry blues the art of counter-surfing... HE TAUGHT ME!

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