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Your Kerry will bring you the luck of the Irish

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Kerry Mottos


Recently we had a discussion on the KB-L newslist about mottos our Kerries might hold dear. The list below is a fun way to describe the Kerry temperament.

Abby's (Marian Bowles):

"Spoiled? Not me. Food is the only thing that can be spoiled"

Tommy (Sharon Barbee):

"Love, love me do. You know I love you. I'll always be true. So, pleeeease, love me do!"

Topper (Diane Ridd):

Gimme a "G"
Gimme an" I"
Gimme a "R"
Gimme a "L"
Gimme a "S"

Molly's (George Elsis):

"This is my world and I just let you live in it."
"Get out of my way and let me at it".

Oreo (Connie Spice):

"Me! Me!MEEEEEEE!!!!!!"

Camelot (Chelo Lewter):

"I'm a Klassic Kerry Kounter Klepto!"

Chanel (Chelo Lewter):

" I'm just an ice cube junkie!"

Myra, Princess of Pout, (Judi Young):

"Squirrels Forever"

Doolin (Nancy Assero):

"An egg carton in the mouth is worth any number of squeaky toys."
"Cardboard Forever, Yippee!"

Cassidy's (Fran Fein):

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Seamus (Kathy Nunes):

"If it's within reach, it's MINE!"

Rocket (Sharon Burnett):

"If I chase it, more will come."

Rascal (Sharon Burnett):

"Try digging - China is much closer than you think."

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