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Pet Therapy & the Kerry Blue Terrier


Pet therapy work is a most rewarding endeavour, as anyone who has ever been involved will tell you. When his scarf and leash come out of the closet, Kerby is the happiest Kerry Blue on the planet!

This February [2007], we had the pleasure of visiting a preschool here in Edmonton, Alberta. In this class, there were 15 four-year-olds who had been learning all about pets. They had built a pet hospital, bathed and groomed pets, visited the SPCA, and were very keen to learn about the jobs that pets can do.

Kerby and I described the programs Pet Therapy provides:

  • In hospitals and nursing homes, pet visits help to make a patient feel better. Hands can be healed by the caressing of a dogs fur. People may be keener to become mobile if a dog is there to walk with them. Just the comfort of dog companionship can ease the stress of hospitalization and separation from family, friends, and pets at home.
  • At the Library, Kerby loves children to read to him! He lies on his bean bag chair with visitors who select a dog-related book to read. Reading skills are greatly enhanced with a quiet listener like a Kerry Blue.

PAWSabilities is an animal-assisted activity program for multi-handicapped individuals. Our dogs enhance the emotional and cognitive aspects of skill development or leisure activities.

After our presentation, we read a book with the children and had our pictures taken. Whatever the environment, a Kerry Blue proves himself a patient listener, a comforting presence, and an ambassador for our breed.        


Linda Grisley and her Kerry Kirby
teach preschoolers about the wonder of pets.


Kerby demonstrates his listening skills
while his mom reads a book to the class.


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