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Kerry Blue Terrier Conformation Standard Quiz Answers


1. The Kerry Blue head is:
(D) long but not exaggerated

2. The stop of the Kerry Blue is:
(B) very slight stop

3. The nose may not be:
(D) small and narrow

4. Which of the following does NOT describe the KBT muzzle:
(C) slight downturn

5. Which of the following does the KBT standard NOT describe as a serious head fault:
(A) skull flat
(B) proportioned to rest of body
(C) moderate breadth between ears

6. Which of the following does not describe the KBT eyes:
(C) prominent

7. Hazel eyes are:
(B) are always a fault

8. Ear carriage may be:
(D) carried forward

9. The KBT bite is:
(D) level or scissor

10. The expression of the KBT is:
(C) keen terrier expression

11. The hallmark of the KBT is:
(A) friendly, brave, alert temperament

12. When judging the KBT:
(D) any blue from dark blue to gray blue are preferred

13. Which of the following does describe the KBT neck:
(B) moderately long

14. The topline of the KBT is:
(C) level

15. Which does not describe the KBT tail:
(B) squirrel tail

16. In excitement the KBT tail:
(C) is straight up or very slightly forward

17. The shoulders of the KBT are:
(C) well laid back, long

18. The ribs of the KBT are:
(C) deep

19. Which of the following does NOT describe the KBT hindquarters:
(A) may be very slightly cowhocked

20. The proper KBT foot is:
(B) compact

21. In proportion the KBT is:
(B) well knit

22. The general appearance of the KBT is:
(B) terrier style

23. Kerry Blue color should be:
(D) any shade of blue gray or gray blue

24. Which of the following does NOT describe the KBT coat:
(A) double coat

25. The KBT gait should be:
(D) full freedom of action, reach and drive, single track at speed

26. Which statement is correct regarding the KBT size:
(B) ideally 18 1/2" for dogs, slightly less for a bitch


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