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"Maeveen" of the Monastery 18 March 2016
by Roland B. Pemberton

It was a cold, wet March day when I first made my way down the gravel and dirt road to Our Lady of the Rock Priory, a 22-year-old Benedictine Monastery on Shaw Island. Shaw is one of the San Juan Islands in the northwestern part of Washington state, all of 12-square miles in area, and reached only by ferry.

Agility Training for the Kerry Blue 15 March 2016

Agility Training for the Kerry Blue

AKC Standard for the Kerry Blue Terrier 15 March 2016

The typical Kerry Blue Terrier should be upstanding well knit and in good balance, showing a well-developed and muscular body with definite terrier style and character throughout. Correct coat and color are important. A low-slung Kerry is not typical.

American Guide to Canadian Dog Shows 15 March 2016

American Guide to Canadian Dog Shows

Breed & Obedience for You & Your Kerry Blue 15 March 2016
by H. Edward Whitney

We who own Kerry Blue Terriers should be very proud of the fact that we now have numerous CHAMPION-UTILITY dogs in our breed. That means that a person can buy a puppy from a reputable breeder and have opportunities to show in breed and obedience, plus tracking or agility. These options are not available in most AKC breeds today.

Canine Good Citizen 15 March 2016

The unwritten code of canine conduct demands a dog who in public is neither a menace nor a nuisance, a well-behaved pet who does credit to his family, his breeder, and the wider world of all dog lovers. When this civic duty is neglected, everyone concerned-especially the dog-loses.

Conformation 15 March 2016

Learn more on conformation with the Kerry Blue Terrier.

Could Your Kerry “Find It?” 15 March 2016
by Patty Sontag

A scattering of cardboard boxes, similar in size, lay on the training room floor. To the casual observer, it looks like a jumbled mess. But to the handler and the Kerry by her side, tail wagging wildly and nose twitching, it is another chance to play the game: Nose Work!

Dog Show Spectator Information 20 March 2016

Dogs shows are beauty contests and many of these dogs have been groomed for hours in preparation for a few minutes in the ring. If you were watching the "Miss America" pageant you wouldn't reach out and muss the hairdo of a contestant just before she walked on stage. Please.

Going to the Dogs (show) 05 December 2018
by Sharon Arkoff

Have you ever been to a kerry class at a dog show, or watched one on TV? For kerry owners who don’t show their dogs, and for whom the dog show world is a mystery, the Internet can be a great way to see how the professionals show off our breed.

Herding with Kerry Blue Terriers 15 March 2016

Herding with Kerry Blue Terriers

Hooked on Herding! 15 March 2016
by Janet Joers

This well written story gives any Kerry fancier a simple introduction to the herding sport.

Kerries as Earthdogs 15 March 2016

While the history of the Kerry Blue is full of references to earthdog activity, it is not included among the breeds (namely smaller terriers and Dachshunds) that are eligible to compete for AKC Earthdog titles. The reason being that Kerries are supposedly too large to go to ground (the tunnels are 17" square).

Kerries in Agility 15 March 2016
by Patti Campbell

Looking for a new challenge for your retired Champion, conditioning for your show dog, or just a fun activity for your Kerry? -- Try Agility.

Kerries in Freestyle Obedience 15 March 2016
by Joannah Whitney

t's a pretty new sport. The opportunities to compete are still limited but more and more clubs are hosting demos at their shows or sponsoring seminars or classes.

Currently there is some variety in what freestyle entails ranging from precision heelwork set to music, which I gather is the form seen in competition in the UK,to more dance-like routines.

Kerries in Grooming Contests 15 March 2016
by Diane Lee

Another interesting activity for some Kerry owners are grooming contests.

Kerry Blue Terrier Conformation Standard Quiz 15 March 2016

This 26 question quiz, based upon the Kerry Blue Terrier Standard, is intended to be a helpful study aid to increase your knowledge of the breed. It was presented at the Judges Seminar at the Northern Ohio Specialty show in August, 1997.

Kerry Blue Terrier Conformation Standard Quiz Answers 15 March 2016

This 26 question quiz, based upon the Kerry Blue Terrier Standard, is intended to be a helpful study aid to increase your knowledge of the breed. It was presented at the Judges Seminar at the Northern Ohio Specialty show in August, 1997.

Kerry Structure 15 March 2016
by Gwen Hall

What has happened to the front structure in some of our Kerry Blues? Viewing recent pictures posted on the Internet and published in dog magazines I have noticed an increasing number of dogs "posting", some more noticeably than others. They seem only to need a curved slat placed under their feet to become rocking horses.

Obedience Titles 15 March 2016
by Janet Joers

These titles can be won at American Kennel Club approved obedience trials.

Obedience Training 20 March 2016

Learn about obedience training with the Kerry Blue Terrier

Obedience Training Before or After the Conformation Ring? 15 March 2016
by Margo Steinman

Does obedience training hamper a dog's showmanship in the conformation ring? Might obedience training break a Kerry's spirit and make him look like a wimp in the show ring?


2007 Picnic Day at UC Davis 19 March 2016
by Eileen Andrade

Well we had been planning for months to take a group of our Rescue Kerries and their owners to UC Davis annual Picnic Day, to represent the breed, talk to people and let our kids strut their stuff in the Breed Showcase Parade.

Allie, My Therapy Kerry 15 March 2016
by Marilyn Stephens

Kerry Blues as therapy dogs

Barefoot in the [Dog] Park 20 March 2016
by Janine Adams

For the vast majority of dog owners, allowing their dogs to run free is a thing of the past. It's simply not safe, or responsible, for a dog to run loose in most areas. Yet, as your dog probably makes abundantly clear, he needs to run. And most leashes-or most backyards-don't give them the opportunity to run their little hearts out. What's a responsible owner to do?

Bike Riding With Your Kerry 20 March 2016
by Judi Young

Bike Riding With Your Kerry

Birding with "Caribou" Terriers 20 March 2016
by Cindy Radamaker

Kurt and Cindy Radamaker have traveled extensively throughout North America, Mexico and Central America on their birding forays. They have documented a number of first records (bird sightings) for Mexico, state and country. Kurt has authored a number of articles on birds and was the associate editor of the recent publication "Birds of the Baja California Peninsula: Status, Distribution and Taxonomy". Kurt and Cindy regularly lead local bird walks at The Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, AZ. Merlin and Ani accompany them whenever possible.

Dashing through the Snow 15 March 2016
by Michael J. Rosen

In cold weather, both dogs and people tend to get less exercise and enjoy less time in "the great outdoors" even if that's just a fenced in backyard. But with some extra planning, a little snow can create an unofficial Olympic arena! Here are some activities specially designed for snowbound days; and each "event" in this winter Olympiad incorporates an element of training, too, which will reinforce the learning successes that all dogs need.

Deva, The First Service Kerry 15 March 2016
by Charlotte Hart

Dock Jumping With Bean 20 March 2016
by Sara Garthly

With the Kerry being the all around working and retrieving dog for the farmer, I thought this would be a good fit. I contacted the local club, Keystone DockDogs, because I wanted the proper introduction and foundation work since I knew I'd be competing with Bean. I was told there was a member who put some time in at a nearby dog pool to help with newbies in the sport and I was put in contact with him. He was excited to see a Kerry getting involved as he had never seen one competing.

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun 15 March 2016
by Pat Miller

Sometimes we can get so focused on behavior and training that we forget to have fun with our dogs. I realized some time ago that I had become a behavior addict. I took the premise to heart that "any time you are with your dog one of you is training the other," and became so caught up in reinforcing desired behaviors and preventing reinforcement for undesirable ones that I forgot how to just be with my dogs.

Foundation Events 15 March 2016

Public education about the breed is one of the major functions of the Foundation. The most fun educational events for Kerry owners to participate in are events in your local area.

Fun and Games with your Kerry 15 March 2016

A selection of wonderful and interesting stories of Kerry fun and games

Gromit, the Hearing Dog--His Story 15 March 2016
by Julia Schutz

Kerry Blue Service dogs
Hearing dogs

Guarding versus Herding 15 March 2016
by Arthur Yanoff

Kerries are well suited for livestock protection. The main temperament difference between guarding and herding dogs is that a guarding dog must remain calm, while a herding dog must be active an hyper to round up the flock.

How Clever is Your Kerry? 15 March 2016

Terrier and Dachshund Field Events

Hunting Kerries 15 March 2016
by Natalia Samaj

The Kerry Blue Terrier was bred as a multi-purpose farm dog, which needed to combine herding, guarding, hunting, retrieving and vermin destroying talents. Although rarely, some of the Kerries are still used as a hunting dogs.

Hunting with Kerry Blue Terriers 15 March 2016

Information about hunting with your Kerry.

Kerries as Therapy and Service Dogs 15 March 2016

Learn about Kerries as Therapy and Service Dogs.

Kerries in Law Enforcement 15 March 2016

Kerries in Law Enforcement

Kerries in Police Work 15 March 2016

Someone asked if Kerries are used in police work? The following responses were posted on the KerryBlues-L Newslist.

Kerries in Search and Rescue 15 March 2016

What are the characteristics of a good Search and Rescue dog?

Kerry Blue Terrier: The Latest Guard Breed Kills Varmints Too 15 March 2016

The human equivalent of a terrier might be the guy who arranges his crops according to height, and his jeans according to shade of fade. This breed is obsessive.

So what would keep a terrier with the sheep instead of chasing mice, rabbits and woodchucks? Oddly enough, the Kerry Blue's protectiveness of sheep (or llamas or alpacas or goats) supercedes its natural and infamous obsessiveness.

Kerry Schutzhund? 15 March 2016

Schutzhund training is much more than teaching a dog to attack on command, and does not make a dog vicious. In order to earn the titles, dogs have to receive passing scores in obedience, bite work (including letting go on command!), and tracking.

Learning to Heal 15 March 2016
by Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

On Schools and health-care facilities all over the country, dogs are spreading cheer and helping people recover from serious injuries and illness. With a little extra training, your dog could join their ranks.
Kerry Blue Therapy Training

My Boy, Ardara Gromit - the Hearing Kerry 20 March 2016
by Julia Schutz

Kerry Blue Caregivers

New England Kerry Gathering, Lunenburg, MA, August 19, 2006 20 March 2016
by Janet Joers

Hosted by Peggy & Gary Turner at their lovely home in Massachusetts, with its huge patio and extensive gardens, a picnic was held in honor of the Foundation Rescue Kerries in the Northeast, and the families, friends, and volunteers who love them. It was the perfect place for 20 people and 18 Kerries to meet and greet, feast and chat, and get to know one another. What a great time we had!

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