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2007 Picnic Day at UC Davis


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Well we had been planning for months to take a group of our Rescue Kerries and their owners to UC Davis annual Picnic Day, to represent the breed, talk to people and let our kids strut their stuff in the Breed Showcase Parade. Jan Joers was driving up with Tracey Fulmer who had flown in from the east coast especially for the occasion and we had 8 Kerry kids recently groomed and ready to go. We were all packed up and some of us already on the road headed for Davis when the 6:30 am phone call came saying that it had rained heavily during the night, the field was sodden and there was more rain in the forecast so all outdoor events were cancelled!

Kathy Fehrn and Lesley Garcia

A quick turn to cell phones (what did we do without them!) stemmed the traffic towards Davis and we decided to divert as many as could come and were willing to my home in El Cerrito, 40 miles to the west. At that point it wasn't raining here but the sky was grey. Not long after the skies opened up here as well, but we were still determined to have a party.

                                                                            John Fehrn with Clyde

To make a long story short - in the end we had 12 people, 6 Kerries, a Kerry mix, a Cockapoo and a cat all in my little house - and we had a ball.

Rescues present were:

    • Bonnie from the Great Escape
    • Clyde from Shelbina
    • Ollie from the Great Ohio Rescue
    • CD from the Merced Shelter
    • Ciele from Shelbina (Clyde's mother)

All five of these, along with Willy, a visiting Cockapoo got on well together. No snarls, no snapping, no fights. They played nicely and relaxed with each other. At one point these kids all went to their respective crates so that my two, Trudy and Tristan could come out and socialize with the people. I don't trust Trudy with other females and Tristan is just a cyclone of energy so they spent most of the party in their crates in the bedroom but had to come out and say hello to everyone too.

The cat actually absented herself for most of the party.

Cameron Olen

People present were:

    • Bonnie and Clyde's parents John and Kathy Fehrn
    • Ollie's parents Richard and Cameron Olen
    • CD's mom Dixie Lindberg
    • Ciele's mom Lesley Garcia
    • Jan Joers, (past) National Rescue Coordinator
    • Tracey Fulmer, East Coast Rescue Coordinator
    • Nancy Fulmer, Tracey's mom and Willy's mom
    • Eileen Andrade, West Coast Rescue Coordinator
    • Kim Applegate and Jim Patt, foster family in waiting

                                                                                                  Tracey Fulmer

We played with Kerries, we talked Kerry, we reminisced Kerry and we had a wonderful time. For those of you who missed it we're planning a summer picnic and we hope that you will come. Date and venue to be announced - look for it! We're thinking of renting a field at Shamrock Ranch off of Hwy 1 in Pacifica or using Canyon Trail Park here in El Cerrito. We can set up some agility equipment, have a picnic and enjoy life with our Kerries. If you are in Northern California and interested in helping to plan this event let me know.

Janet Joers with Kathy Fehrn

We also plan to attend Picnic Day at UC Davis next April (weather permitting) so if you are interested in joining us there let me know.

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