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Summer Fun 2012


For the 2012 summer issue of our "What's New" quarterly newsletter we asked for some of your favorite summer Kery pictures. The response was just overwhelming and we were not able to fit all pictures in the printed version of the newsletter.

KBT Louie on a Normandie beach, with Mount St. Michelle castle in the background (where the Knights of the Round Table met.)
Owned by Kanako Ohara of London, UK

Nikki-Sakura in a London park.
Owned by Kanako Ohara of London, UK

"Saphie" enjoying a ride on the gator with Victoria, the three year old driver.

Saphie and Victoria chalking.

Kim Jackson, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

"On the shore of Lake Winnipeg – Taking a Break from Playing Ball"
Left to right:
Kevin (BISS Can. Ch. Kenan's Beneath the Waves), Annie (RBIS Can. Ch. Malahideblue Out of the Woods), Sophie (one of the 2010 Three Musketeers rescue puppies), Breeze (Aisling's Offshore Breeze – Canada's oldest living Kerry)

Sophie's owners are The Dalton's.
For the other three it would be Linda Lee and Larry Bremner, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Anne jumping for joy. Linda would like a photo credit if possible as follows:
Photo Credit to Kim Bolduc-Zimmer.

Linda E. Lee, Sandy Hook, Manitoba, Canada

Renny trying to get owner Sharon to chase her around the yard.

Rocket on his perch on top of our outdoor table with
Renny in the background.

Owner: Sharon Burnett, University Place, Washington, USA

Fishing from our boat in Tampa Bay, FL with Thunder (green collar) and Dolly.
Thunder passed away May 2009.
Dolly turned 14 years old on July 8, 2012, and still fishes with us.

Sheryl Justus, Plant City, Florida, USA

Molly and Seamus say "Mom thinks gardening is fun. We are not so sure. She never wants the hole where we put it!"

Seamus is a rescue from the Christmas Miracle Rescue. Molly is 9 and Seamus is 7.

Molly is on bottom step and Seamus has no interest in having his picture "took". They usually wander around when I garden only joining me when I am moving the wheelbarrow someplace that may be fun but on this day they chose to sit on the steps and pant like I was trying to kill them. They are sooooo prissy. What would I ever do without them?

Sally Symmes, Danvers, MA, USA

Meghan enjoying her summer:
Meghan at the bow of the boat ready to go for a ride. Life jacket you ask? You betcha!

Judy Wick, Long Lake, Minnesota, USA

Aymie watching passersby on the dock from our boat moored at Sidney Harbor Marina at Sidney BC Canada.

Jean Asta Birkland, Seattle, Washington, USA

Here's Liam sitting on his BFF, a Welsh stallion!

Liam is 2 1/2 and the stallion is Champion "Northern Nite Sky"

These guys have be buddies for ages..... Liam likes to visit the horse in the stall every night when we go out to do night check (top up hay and water.) He also likes a couple of the miniature horses and my big warmblood, but Sky is his favorite. Too bad he needed a haircut or the photo would have been perfect, but he's a farm dog 90% of the time!

Deb Harper, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Kelly Kam, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Here's my dog, Willie, from a few years ago at the beach on Fisher Island, Florida. My wife, Heather and I now live in Madison, Wisconsin. At the time, we lived in Coral Gables, Florida.

Glenn Allen, Madison, Wisconsin, USA


Barbara Kam, Olympia, Washington, USA

More Fini photos with Kelly Kam on a camp trip at the Northern California coast.

Kelly Kam, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Kiara ready for a bike ride. Her "dad" pulls her along.

Kiara at the lake house: she loves the water to retrieve things—but not just to swim for swimming's sake! And she prefers to enter the water from the shore or beach rather than simply jumping in off the pier.

Mom, please….. Kiara has her own kiddie pool and in this photo she is asking me (or rather telling me as KBTs tend to do) to fill it up for her.

Kiara lives with her snowbird "parents" in Spokane Washington and Honolulu Hawaii, USA.
Judi and Don Young

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