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Sleeping Beauty


In the Winter 2013 issue of pour What's New Newsletter, we featured your KBTs in various positions of relaxed sleep. It could be called "Let sleeping Kerries Lie." Only a few photos could fit in the printed version of the newsletter. Here are more entries.

Linda Lee from Sandy Hook, Manitoba, Canada submitted these photos.



Annie on loveseat

Kevin & Annie


Kerry nap time

Below are a few photos of our Kerry, Phoebe (below). In two of the photos she is snoozing with our cat Sasha. I think Phoebe, who is 14 1/2 may not even be aware that Sasha has cozied up to her. Cats like warmth and will take any opportunity to find it! The third photo is of Phoebe sleeping on, and surrounded by a bunch of toys. This is especially sweet, as she has always loved toys, but now that she is older she has lost interest in them.

Sharon Ponsford, California

Rita Lockwood provided:

Kim Applegateor Daly City, CA emailed:

Our kitchen has two dog beds....Liam (the dog that went to College) sometimes has to share his with Truman the orange cat. Liko the ShihTzu takes the other bed most of the time. Liam LOVES to pile up the bedding or other toys to make pillows to sleep with his head propped up...usually with his mouth around his favorite....a green stuffed brocolli thing.....oh well!

Deb Harper
Abbotsford, BC Canada

This is Ollie (the street urchin) on the left; Tillie, the Princess, on the right. Modesty obviously is not part of that "royal, entitled" attitude. This is their normal afternoon nap location.

Martha Turner
Charlie, Texas

Sometimes Renny will sneak into Rocket's bed. She used to sleep with Rascal all the time. Rocket tolerates her :)

Sharon Burnett, WA

Below you will find the typical daytime sleeping posture of Phoebe, a Kerry puppy that lives in Athens, Ga. At night, as every good Kerry knows, her rightful place is in bed, with her head on a pillow.

DeLoris Hesse
Athens GA

Below is Kiara.

Judi Young
Honolulu HI
Spokane WA

Joey Warren of Wanatchee WA submitted pictures of Dave (airedale) and Reacher.

Below are three photos of Chloe a ten year old rescue who has serious separation anxiety problems. (Came to us for help when she was 9 years old)

These reflect her sleeping (bunk bed style) with her best mate Chica a 9 year old Yorkie-Poo.

They are both together under the kitchen table sleeping pending dinner.

Chloe spends a lot of time with her big turtle and goes to sleep resting her head on it.

Tom Sawyer
Coppell, Texas

Below is my great Kerry Sé (Gaelic for Shay), full name Indigo Sé from Lizzy's Little Army. This was taken in his puppy days where for two weeks he slept like this with me. All my Kerries slept with me when I got them as a puppy. It's so great for training and connecting, confidence, dependence. Now he is a great Kerry Lad and is already 7 in February 2013.

Annemarie Stuivenberg with Se`, now a 7 Year old.

Chelo Lewter, of Murfreesboro TN submitted photos of Lancelot.

Below is Sullivan, four years old
He really likes to stretch out!

Molly Doyle,
Hampton Bays, NY


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