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Kids & Kerries


In the Summer 2013 issue of pour What's New Newsletter, we featured Kids & Kerries. Not all photos made it into the newsleter. Here are all the submissions.

The picture below were submitted by Anne Corke. Here's a picture of her son Jeremy and his Kerry Cassie. Jeremy is 28 now and Cassie's long gone. Cassie was a wonderful dog and they were inseparable.

Jann McQuay submitted two pictures:

1st. picture, taken in Whitby, ON Canada - My granddaughter, Ally 7yrs, with foster Kerry Sweet Molly O'Mill. Interestingly, Ally has always been terrified of dogs (and rarely exposed to them) and would become very panicky. When she learned Sweet Molly's story of being rescued from a horrible puppy mill, she wanted to comfort her. Sweet Molly was very anxious with adults, but loved children and she taught Ally to be calm and relaxed. They both enjoyed their short time together. Ally accompanied me to the airport to have Sweet Molly flown across the country to Edmonton AB. Sweet Molly is now Maggie.

2nd. picture, taken in Whitby, ON Canada - Same granddaughter, Ally and Pepper, my feisty, exuberant, playful Kerry. Now that Ally is comfortable with the gentle foster, Sweet Molly, she has the courage to engage Pepper in some play. Giant steps for a little girl.

Rita Lockwood submitted a two pictures of her granddaughter Lily & her best friend, Demi.

The picture below is of Tom Sawyer's Murphy Blue helping the Coppell Department.

He is wearing a prison uniform because he failed to have his seat belt fastened!

He was taught to only shake hands if you said PLEASE! Otherwise he would just sit there.

Holly Monagan sends a photo of her grandson William and Annie. She absolutely LOVES him and is very attentive to him.

Korey Shirwin: "Here are a couple of pictures of Riley. He passed away Dec 2011 but remains
in my thoughts every day."

"The first one was Taken in our back yard with his human sister (my Daughter Shaye), in Winnipeg, MB, July 2010. They are hanging out in front of "Fort Riley" (If you zoom in you can see the name of the fort at the top.)"

"The second and third picture includes their nice Megan. "

Laura Cooke sends a picture of their Kirby. Kirby is their 2008 rescue from the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation.
Her son Henry is the redhead. In the picture, Henry "brushes" Kirby's fur with a dust broom.

This is a photo of Betty Richardson's Kerry, Riley, and her grandson, Jonah. It was taken in Grand Junction, Colorado last Thanksgiving when Jonah and his parents were visiting from their home in New York. Riley and Jonah were "playing" with Riley's toy.

Kym Thorne of Brisbane, Australia, sends her all time favourite photo of her son Tom and the Gordonator.

The photo below is Tom and his Princess Tilly. Tom turns 17 this year and Tilly turns 11
The years have flown!

More pictures from Rita Lockwood:

"Lily is my 5 yr old granddaughter sleeping with her best friend Demi."

"I have also included a picture of my 7 month old grandson, Andrew John, crawling on Jamie. It looks as though both hands are on the dog, who didn't care at all."

Who said Kerries are not good with kids?


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