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Holiday Majic


In the Fall 2013 issue of pour What's New Newsletter, we featured Kerries in the holiday spirit. Not all photos made it into the newsleter. Here are all the submissions.

Reacher was nearly 6 months old and clearly thought the ribbon was the best part.

Joey Warren
Washington state

Holiday Magic photo of our Kiara at Diamond Head on Oahu. The tree is decorated by someone unknown every year and is on the walking path up to the Diamond Head lighthouse

Judi Young
Spokane WA
Honolulu HI

Below are to pictures form Argentina where sumer begins in December. There is no snow in this part of Argentina.

At the first one there is a Kerry female Gr.Ch.Arg.Chil. Int.Edbrios Renaissance "Judy" looking at the horses.

The third from the left to right Gladys Yangüela, Edbrios Desperado "Bono", Edbrios Renaissance "Judy" and Rosario Davies on holiday in Chile in January 2013.

Gladys Yangüela, Argentina

Below are three pictures of Pepper, one of the Three Musketeers, rescue 2010.

1st. pic -"Do I really want to jump into this?" Pepper hates getting her toes wet or snowy, but within seconds there was enough distraction that she was soon in almost over her head, bounding after whatever moved. Feb. 2013, Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

2nd. pic -"I'm not happy about this! You know I hate dressing up and looking the fool!" Christmas 2012, Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

3rd. pic -"This scarf isn't so bad, it's the hats that get me!" Pepper loves the action at Christmas. She has destroyed more than one of her stockings and seems to know which packages are for her. We can't put them under the tree until Christmas Eve. Dec. 2012, Whitby, Ontario. Canada

Submitted by Jann McQuay

Canadian Christmas Kerries in Arizona
Linda Lee, Manitoba, Canada

Terry Nooyen-Coyner

Two pictures of Lexie
Anne Corke, Canada

Thunder and Dolly. Christmas in Tampa, FL
Sheryl Justus

Channel from Chelo

I played with all my toys this morning (Christmas) and now I am looking for
the special goodies Chelo got for me. I saw her hide them Last night.

Chelo Lewter

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