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The Best of KB-L for 2018


April 2018


The topic of spaying and neutering, brought up in the March 7 QOTW, elicited a number of excellent posts regarding the timing and health issues involved with the procedures. The comments can be accessed via the website QOTW section under "Previous Questions of the Week" but I think Agatha's post is a pretty good summary of the sentiments expressed by the fine folk who threw their two cents into the discussion. Great punchline too.


From: Agatha Hughes - Maine

Date: April 9, 2018

Subject: QOTW #801: Is your eldest Kerry spayed or neutered?

I LOVE this List I’m so glad that I asked you all for advice and then received so many wise and experienced responses. I will definitely wait and NOT neuter him at 10 months. I’ll aim for at least 2 years and rethink at that point @ going longer. I also appreciated hearing when “puppyhood" ends and “adult" begins.
Meanwhile, Skippers is looking rather relieved to hear the good news!
Thanks everyone,

March 2018


The  QOTW "Is your Kerry allowed on the furniture?" elicited a number of emails including this amusing one from Sharron about her particularly bossy bitch and her preferred perch.


From: Sharon Arkoff & Gracie ("Maybe I'm only pretending to be deaf, Mom!")

Date: March 26, 2018

Gracie Lou wants to ask other Kerries if their people are allowed on the furniture. My husband was away for several months when Gracie arrived, and Gracie laid claim to hubby's recliner. When hubby came home, it took some clear instructions for Gracie to accept that if hubby got to the recliner first, he not going to get up to give it to her. To this day, it is a sure sign that we have been too lax with Miss Gracie in general if she starts muttering when hubby approaches the recliner. She is accepting of a verbal correction and apologetic afterwards, but dearest Grace is one to take a mile if you give her an inch. :-)

February 2018


A quiet month for KB-L comments and banter, I  thought I might take this opportunity to highlight some noteworthy demographic information revealed by the poll results from a couple of QOTWs that appeared in February. 


QOTW#792: If you are a Kerry owner, how old are you? 

QOTW#795; If you are owned,  or have been owned by a Kerry, where do you live?

Of the 68 people who voted on the location question, two-thirds lived in the good ol' US of A, home of the KBTF, not too surprising really but what did strike me as significant in relation to the future of the breed, was that when polled on their age, two-thirds of the 60 votes were cast by Kerry owners over the age of 60 and only one respondent was under 40!

 January 2018


For our first 'Best of' KB-L of 2018, a question of the week regarding Kerry ear cleaning practices elicited the following thoughtful response from Pat as to how she cares for her Darby's ears. Her post is concise, comprehensive and persuasive; her method certainly worthy of consideration.

(Doug is still filling in for Anne for this feature. We look forward to her recovery and return!)


From: Pat Harrelson - Sherwood, Arkansas

Date: Jan 14, 2018

Subject: QOTW #789: How do you care for the insides of your Kerry's ears?

I use medicated powder and puff a small amount in the ear. Then pull the hair out with my fingers or a hemostat. Then I fill the ear with a small amount of R-7 Ear Cleaner, leave it about a minute while massaging the ear and then use cotton balls to clean out the liquid. I am now using this on Darby my fourth Kerry. At 7 months he doesn't like it-particularly the ear cleaning liquid but I hope he will gradually accept it. I may try Linda's vinegar and water solution. I have read arguments against pulling the hair out but it does seem like a good thing - particularly when the vet needs to examine the ears.

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