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Top Lousy Excuses for Getting Rid of a Pet


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  • Sheds too much
  • Barks
  • Digs
  • Chews
  • Moving
  • Going on Vacation
  • Retiring and want to travel
  • "Allergies"
  • Having a baby
  • Getting married
  • Getting divorced
  • Husband doesn't like the breed (didn't like the last three of that same breed she bought and subsequently dumped them)
  • My wife is jealous of the dog and the time I spend training her
  • Boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't like
  • Has fleas
  • Not housebroken
  • Didn't know if needed all that grooming
  • Don't have time
  • Going to college
  • It's our sons pet but he's away at school now and we don't have the time; we'll tell him it ran away.
  • Apartment/Townhome/Condo/etc. doesn't allow pets.
  • Needs room to run/roam
  • We got it for the kids but they won't take care of it.
  • Keeps running off (unfenced yard, no leash)
  • Didn't know they got so big/ate so much
  • He was a cute puppy, but now he's too big
  • Doesn't get along with our new pet
  • I don't love it anymore
  • Bought new home and dog doesn't go with new colors
  • Pet clashes with the new furniture
  • Just got new furniture/carpet
  • We only had it for the kids and they're all grown up now
  • He chases the new kitten
  • She doesn't like the new puppy
  • He tracks mud all over the new carpet
  • She got lost, and we got a new one by the time she showed up at the pound so we left her there.
  • He ( a twelve week old puppy) refuses to be housebroken, and we hit him every time he goes in the house. I'm worried, 'cause you can only hit a dog so much before it turns vicious, and I'm afraid it will start biting the kids.
  • She (the pet) had a nervous breakdown.
  • She's seven years old now and can't make puppies anymore.
  • Too friendly
  • He keeps jumping on the kids, and the kids are now afraid of him.
  • We have a handicapped child in a wheelchair
  • We're remodeling our kitchen and didn't have time to take her to puppy class, and now she's too rowdy.
  • She has seizures (allergies/hypothroid/etc) and we don't want to spend another penny on medication.
  • It makes me sad to have her around.
  • Tried to kill a collie
  • Killed a neighbor's goat-afraid she will start attacking people
  • Received as a Christmas present-can't keep
  • Daughter's dog-she went to college
  • Breeder won't take him back because we neutered him
  • She got herself pregnant-we're keeping her puppy
  • She got herself pregnant
  • We can't afford the vet bills
  • Pulls on the lead
  • Doesn't like my husband
  • Keeps breaking the chain at her dog house
  • Tears up the house when we're at work/school
  • Noisy when we're at work/school
  • Apartment management doesn't allow dogs
  • Can't find house to rent that allows dogs
  • Transferring to England-don't want quarantine
  • Didn't turn out to be show quality
  • He won't stay at home
  • My elderly mother keeps letting him loose
  • He's too happy
  • Drools all the time
  • We're putting the house up for sale and it won't show well with a dog
  • We bought him/her for conformation shows and he/she didn't win(eight month old puppy)
  • Had a friend make him a *guard dog*, now all he wants to do is bite
  • I trained him myself to be a protection dog, now he's trying to kill me
  • He rides my leg
  • He always has an erection when company comes over. It's too embarrassing
  • He makes a mess in the bathroom every time I give him a bath
  • He gets car sick
  • It wants too much attention
  • Her teeth are crooked
  • She keeps having puppies
  • She got pregnant again
  • She's a slut
  • She got raped
  • The kids keep getting poison ivy. He gets it on his fur when he runs loose in the woods, and they get rashes from touching him, so the doctor says he has to go
  • She hunts all the time
  • She won't hunt
  • Gun shy, only shot over her that once in the yard.
  • Hyperactive
  • Eats cats
  • Eats the house
  • Bit my husband when he hit her for getting on the sofa
  • Steals the baby toys
  • Follows me all the time, even to the bathroom
  • Always wants to be petted
  • Stares at me
  • Bumps into my legs
  • Steals food off the counters
  • Takes my things
  • My wife hates her


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