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Charlie's Placement Ad


My name is Charlie and I am 3-years old. I live with my friend Angus who is also available for adoption. My Owner (Mom) passed away early April, and Dad is too sick to take care of us. Other family members already have dogs or children and can’t take us. We have the run of the back yard and for cover have used the sunroom. We had not been groomed for two years. We may need a refresher course in potty training, and some basic commands.

I am a very gentle boy with a sweet disposition, and would make a lovely companion. My coat is a lovely silver grey. I get along well with children and other dogs; however, I do need some structure and a loving home. Please consider me for adoption, I am willing to relocate.


Wow it is so nice to get rid of that coat………….thanks Cindy & Kathleen






Charlie's on his way

Charlie went to his new home on May 15, 2009.

Here is Tom Sawyer, Charlie (right) and Tom's two Kerries Murphy and Katie, just before enbarking on his new life in California.


Here is Kathleen Sawyer, with Charlie at the Dallas airport.


Charlie at home

From: Michael V. Wedin
To: Tom Sawyer
Sent: Saturday, September 26, 2009 4:57 PM
Subject: Some pictures of Charlie

Hello Tom and Kathleen,

Well, Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz we ain't, but here are some photos we've got of our great little guy, Charlie. Janet is unhappy that we haven't yet captured Charlie's essence, but, as a philosopher, I point out just how hard it is to capture the essence of royalty (Sir Charlies, naturally).

He's proving to be a complete charmer, and walks are stopped on a constant basis by folks, kids, and animals who want to greet him. Plus, if you can believe it, he has struck up a pretty nice friendship with a slip of a little back kitty and a couple other felines in the neighborhood. Not only that, it turns out that a frequent visitor to the dog park is none other than Brady, who was rescued by KBTF in the Ohio rescue. What are the odds? Predictably, they got on marvelously. And, of course, Katie down the street, another Kerry, has a big crush on Charlie.

We're thinking it might be nice to get a picture of Brady and Charlie for the foundation website. I've got no idea how to do this sort of thing, my expertise being maxed out by sending an email like this, but I'll send it on to you if you want it.

Most importantly, pictures aside, Charlie is a happy critter. And we, of course, are thrilled with him. He's not a complete push[-over, however, insisting on his twice daily walks and making clear when a romp in the yard would be in order. Come night-time his skills as a sleep specialist are put to work. Not a peep until we arise in the morning. He's even starting to show signs of a long-repressed athletic side--running in the dog park on occasion and joyously zipping around our yard after breakfast in the morning. It's a splendid sight to behold.

For what it's worth, we at least are confident he was placed in the absolutely most perfect home imaginable! -:)

We hope to see Charlie updated sometime on the website. (We follow the site on a regular basis.)

Meanwhile, thanks to you both, yet again, and we hope you are well.

Michael and Janet







From: Michael Wedin
Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2010 3:03 PM
To: Tom Sawyer
Subject: first anniversary

Dear Tom and Kathleen,
A year ago today I returned from the San Francisco International Airport with a very important little package. I called Janet en route from the airport and said simply, emotionally actually, "he's wonderful." And so Charlie is. And he continues to find ways to amuse, delight, and love us. From his first couple of months, when he cautiously sniffed around the perimeter fence at the dog park, Charlie has grown into a mainstay of the place. Now chasing, mostly, other dogs' balls or them as they chase them. Although he recently seems to have found a ball he is proud to call his own. In a word, he has charmed everyone there.

He is a curious guy, missing nothing and looking at everything. At the nursery last week he cautiously approached a woman pushing a child's buggy. The child was severely disabled, but Charlie approached with great gentleness and interest. He licked the child's hand and gave him careful sniffs. The mother, obviously pleased, then said "he can't react, but he knows you're there." Our little Charlie is a very special guy, Tom and Kathleen, and we just wanted to let you know that we're thinking of you on his one-year day with us.

Oh, and yes, Charlie insisted that I pass on a warm "woof" to his aunt and uncle in Texas. So I do.
all the best,


Michael and Janet


Michael V. Wedin
Department of Philosophy
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA. 95616



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