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Kerry Blue Terrier Before and After Rescue


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Kerries are very difficult to identify in a shelter because a neglected kerry does not look like a show Kerry. Below are some examples of before and after pictures of rescue Kerries.

Answers to the matching quiz: 1-C, 2-A, 3-E, 4-B, 5-D.

Trooper before Rescue

BEFORE 1--Trooper the day he was rescued from a vet, having been relinquished by a pet store who couldn't sell him. He was 10 months old in this photo, and is a puppy mill purebred. Notice how close his eyes look! In the photo on the right, they look normal.

BEFORE 2--Trooper the day he was rescued. Note the brown in his coat--normal at this age as his color clears.

His puppy coat is straighter than a mature Kerry's.

Trooper after Rescue

AFTER 1--Trooper after rescue and grooming

AFTER 2--Trooper after rescue and grooming

Muggins before Rescue

BEFORE--Muggins when rescued at 12 years old. He is a well-bred purebred with AKC papers to prove it.

Muggins after Rescue

AFTER--Muggins after grooming. His coat is thin and wispy--partly due to lack of nutrition and illness, and partly due to age. He is 12.

Finnegan before Rescue

BEFORE--Finnegan after his rescue, emergency surgery (bladder stones), and hospitalization. He is a 5-year-old AKC-registered purebred from champion parents

Finnegan after Rescue

AFTER--Finnegan after rescue and grooming.

Belmont before Rescue

BEFORE 1--Belmont, when rescued at 7 years old. He is an AKC-registered purebred.

BEFORE 2--Belmont when rescued

Belmont after Rescue

AFTER 1--Belmost after rescue and grooming.

AFTER 2--Belmont after rescue and grooming

Bridgett before Rescue

BEFORE 1--Bridgett at the shelter. Note curly coat and high ear set. The lighter color on her beard is tell-tale of older Kerries (Bridgett was 8).

BEFORE 2--Bridgett at the shelter

Bridgett after Rescue

AFTER--Bridgett after rescue and during groom

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