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Kerries Helping Kerries: another piece of KBTF Rescue work


The Rescue Program of the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation (KBTF) is one of its most important contributions to the breed we so love and to the work of the Foundation. According to the Rescue manual, a Kerry is considered a “rescue” if it is in a shelter or a similar life-threatening situation, a stray dog, a Kerry abandoned at a veterinarian or boarding kennel, one whose owner has died or lost his home, or any Kerry that is in imminent danger of losing its life or safe home. This may be because of as behavioral problem such as two dogs in the same household not getting along or a new family member or because the owner is moving into assisted living. The majority of rescue Kerries in our program belong in this group of rescues. As a Kerry joins our group as a rescue, the dedicated rescue team immediately begins to fully evaluate the new rescue and to review applications on file to find a wonderful, safe, and loving new home for this Kerry, usually with great success.

However, there is another type of rescue that the team handles: it is called in the rescue world a “facilitated” rescue. We call it “Kerries Helping Kerries.” This happens when someone contacts the rescue team asking for help in relocating or rehoming a Kerry. It could be that a breeder has been asked to take back a Kerry for some reason but simply does not have adequate room to give the Kerry a good home. Or perhaps a breeder has lost his or her support system and can no longer take care of the dogs. The rescue team is asked to find good homes for these Kerries, but the owners would not send the dog to a shelter or think of ending its life. The rescue team steps in to assist, sometimes by formally taking the Kerries into our Foundation rescue program and other times by informally providing networking between potential adopters and the owners. While the rescue team does not often get asked to facilitate Kerries to a new home, “Kerries Helping Kerries” is another important part of our rescue work.

You may have noticed recently on the KBTF website under “available Kerries,” several new Kerries with the words “Kerries Helping Kerries” in their introduction. These wonderful Kerries did indeed come from two different breeders who asked the Rescue team to help place them into new homes. You may also have noticed that most of them now say “Adoption pending.” As a reminder, when a new rescue comes into the rescue team, we always look first at applications that are currently on file before we ask for new applications. Applications are kept on file for two years. The best way to be ready for a rescue is to have a current application on file. See the website under Rescue for information on the process or contact Judi Young, Rescue Administrator at

Also, please remember that even facilitated rescue efforts are sometimes quite expensive. Because dogs involved in facilitated rescues have come from caring homes, they are usually basically healthy, though they may be older or have health conditions that require some care. Also, there may be high costs for their transportation to new homes. Since the two most recent cases of “Kerries Helping Kerries” happened so close together and involved quite a few dogs, please consider a donation to the Foundation to help with this work. As always, every penny will be used to help Kerries!

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