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Jiggs has moved to his new "Forever" home in Washington State

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Jiggs ... is now in his forever home!

Originally Posted on July 18, 2017

  • Rescue Coordinator: Brad & Heather Taylor
  • Fostered in California
  • Name Known By: Jiggs
  • Estimated Age: 2
  • Sex: Male
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Pure Kerry: Yes
  • Housebroken: Yes

Jiggs has been adopted on December 23, 2017.

  • Dog's Original Name: Jiggs


Dog aggressive ... food aggressive ... too much enery for previous owner in current situation. Showed some separation anxiety by barking when owner was away. Had been allowed to misbehave without correction and now exhibits some poor habits which due to his young age should be easily rectified.


Found on RescueMe website by Sandra Scott who reached out to owner to introduce the KBTF and what it could do for Jiggs. The owner aggreed to have KBTF find Jiggs a foster home. Brad and Heather Taylor visited and assessed Jiggs to verify his breeding and temperament. Calls went out to potential fosters near Jiggs ... one was located that same day (thank you Eileen Andrade) and arrangements were made for Jiggs to relocate to his new foster and likely forever home. His first vet visit found him to be a sturdy healthy Kerry with a long bright future ahead of him. Good job everyone!


Smart, playful, typically stubborn and not fond of being "told", likes going in the car until he spots a dogs, like toys but literally rips them to shreds, loves tummy rubs, requires lots of attention, can be clingy, likes to put his head in your lap, he'd be thrilled if you pet and rubbed him all day. He's nice to other people unless they had a dog. Loves to jump over things ... might be a good agility dog.


Update:  Jiggs is blossoming into a fine typical Kerry boy now that he's gotten used to his new surroundings and is guided by his firm Kerry savvy foster parents. He'll make a great companion dog for the right owners.


Handsome, young, high energy, loyal, playful, great on a leash, has had experience herding sheep, loves to hunt

training ... all the basics need re-inforcement ..come ...sit... stay  ... down ....  needs to know when its not ok to bark or get too frisky.

likes to shred paper ... dont leave socks lying around else they disappear

he's an escape artist and must be monitored around other animals fenced or not

 Update: Jiggs is now allowed off - leash in his fenced yard and can be trusted

Only pet, fenced yard, regular exercise, no really young children

Strong leadership and willingness to continue training

Playful, loving, Kerry Blue stubborn but responds to firm control. willing to please 

excellent watch dog 

Negatives: dog aggressive, food aggressive, displays separation anxiety, has an identifyable food allergy which is easily managed without medication

Other Dogs: No

No other dogs ... has shown aggression to other dogs

Cats: No

No cats

Children: Maybe

no really young children but little history known on his reactions to children

excellent health, up to date with innoculations 

has been identified with a food allergy which is easily managed without medication

has had some training but likely needs refresher classes


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