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IVAN now fostered in LA California

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IVAN, a senior Kerry in CA UPDATE: Ivan has been ADOPTED! 4/27/18

Originally Posted on January 27, 2018

  • Rescue Coordinator: Brad and Heather Taylor
  • Fostered in Los Angeles / CA
  • Name Known By: Ivan
  • Estimated Age: 12
  • Sex: Male
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Pure Kerry: Yes
  • Housebroken: Yes

Ivan has been adopted on .

  • Dog's Original Name: Ivan


Ivan was adopted into his current home when he was 10 YO. Before that adoption he spent his life as part of a breeding program. He had regular vet visits but not much of a family life. He has had all his molars extracted and is up to date on all his vaccinations. He takes heart worm prevention medicine. 

Ivan is in the Foundation's rescue program because he "nipped" at a three year child who was playing roughly with him and pulling his legs. He did NOT bite the child nor was there any contact with the child. This is why he should be placed in a home with no children. He would do well with no other dogs or perhapss with another senior dog.


Ivan recently moved to a new foster in CA where he is an only dog without young children 

Ivan was fostered in early March by Kerry savvy folks in LA California where he will enjoy the warm climate and his own private fenced park where squirrels are plentiful. He's with a lovely mid life couple that know Kerries very well and will provide for all his needs in this senior part of his life. Update: Ivan has been adopted by his foster family! 4/27/18

An ideal home would be one which is relatively quiet with no children and preferably no other animals. Ivan would blossom again in a loving home with someone to rub his ears!

Other Dogs: Maybe

We really have no experience with Ivan and other dogs but suspect that a young, energetic dog might not be ideal for Ivan. He might be fine with another senior dog. 

Children: No

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Photo of Ivan

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