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2016 - Bruno

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Kirby, previously known as Bruno

Originally Posted on March 1, 2016

  • Rescue Coordinator: Stephanie Moore
  • Fostered in Maryland
  • Name Known By: Kirby
  • Estimated Age: 10
  • Sex: Male
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Pure Kerry: Yes
  • Housebroken: Yes

Kirby has been adopted on June 29, 2016.

  • Dog's Original Name: Bruno

Here we have Bruno ...a 'previously enjoyed' full fledged Kerry that would melt anyones heart. Bruno was found in a shelter near LA by one of our keen eyed followers after being picked up as a stray. Bruno's microchip only showed breeders' contact info as his adoptive family had neglected to have him registered. Once neutered and after waiting the required 10 days for his missing owners to spring him, a family with younger children opened their home to Bruno. One month went by and Bruno ended up back at the shelter ... said he doesn't take correction or being challenged .... he wasn't the guy they wanted and wasn't working out. (Yes ... Kerries can be stubborn and challenging)

This time KBTF rescue pulled Bruno from the shelter and foster mom Diana has him vetted and can now observe and tell us about Mr. Bruno. Diana also has a female Giant Schnauzer and a female Kerry for Bruno to deal with.

The vet said that looking at his teeth and how white his eyes are, he is not 10 years old per his micro-chip, but more like 5-7 years old ... his physical well being does not coincide with an age of 10.


Update from Diana, the foster mom

Bruno is doing well. It is Sunday afternoon, so Bruno is taking his afternoon nap, along with the other dogs.

I have taken Bruno to a small gathering dog park and he does well with other dogs. He does not seem to care to interact with any of them, but enjoys more of just running around in circles. I don't know if it is his herding instinct, but he just keeps running around the whole time he is there. If his circles get too large, I call him and he reigns them in a little tighter eventually.

He needs to work on the come command when off leash. I have noticed after a week, that he does like to chase or lunge after things - birds, squirrels, kids on skateboards, joggers, etc - anything to moves fast by him - so that is something he needs to work on, as well. But, never has he been aggressive with anyone or other dogs, he just super excited to see everything.

The whole issue of not being challenged. I have noticed that a few times, but only when it comes to food or bones. He did growl a few times when the other dogs got close to his bowl or a bone on the ground, but he stopped that real fast. My alpha female, Truda, has put him in his place by her presence and status as number #1. I did challenge him a few times, he low growled, but a few 'shhhs' and he stopped and did as I told him. He is learning who makes the rules and is falling in line to follow them. I have gotten close to him when he is eating or chewing on a bone, and he never growled at me and even backed away when I needed to take the bone away because I was leaving the house. Now that he has rules and boundaries to live by, he knows what is expected of him and the 'not likes to be challenged' issue is fading away.

I noticed that he does have another growl, more like a purr, when he is happy (just like my Kerry). When he is being affectionate, he's like a kitty cat, rubbing up against you, wanting tummy rubs, will roll on the ground, just happy to be around you. He is improving on taking food from your hand gently. You have to make sure you say it every time and if it looks like he getting too excited for the food, I wait until he calms down before he gets the treat.

Kirby loves everyone. He gets along with my eight and nine year old children. He also loves every dog he meets. Kirby is just a happy-go-lucky fella.


Bruno's (Kirby) ideal adopters will have a fenced yard so that he may explore and lay in the sun. He also loves walks. Kirby's favorite time of the day is mealtime. He is used to being home alone for extended periods during the day and could be perfect for the busy working family looking for a cuddly Kerry companion.

The ideal family would be one with other dog(s) and children. Kirby loves the interactions from his people as long as he doesn't feel smothered.

Kirby is one laid back Kerry. He enjoys being outside watching the world go by.

Update from the foster mom

Let me re-introduce Bruno, a very sweet and outgoing Kerry that would love to be the only dog in your life.

He is a very excitable 10 year old puppy who loves to roll around on the grass, go for long walks and act goofy in the hopes of making you laugh. He is very loyal to his human and soon becomes that person's shadow But as with every Kerry, Bruno has a few quirks that he is working on — he tends to takes treats from your hand a little too quick, so you have to make sure you tell him to take it "gently" each time. He also loves loves loves to chase anything that moves fast past him — rabbits, squirrels, other dogs, joggers, kids on skateboards, etc. — he is never aggressive, just super excited to meet them. Just like most Kerrys, he will try to push his luck by calling the shots, but a firm voice stops him in his tracks. Since he has a tendency to be excitable, he would thrive in a home where it was more calm and had a structured routine (walk in the morning, eat morning meal, nap time, play time, walk, eat evening meal, play time, bedtime….repeat). It might take a few weeks for Bruno to feel comfortable in his forever home, but if you are patient and provide calm surroundings, you will end up with a very affectionate, goofy, well adjusted Kerry that would be your forever friend.

Bruno is house broken, able to be left alone for 8 hours while you'll at work and a great watch dog. The two funniest things I've noticed about Bruno is that he will grab his toy and try to act tough by play growling (with the toy in his mouth) trying to coax you into playing with him and when he rolls on the grass, he's able to travel a good ten feet on his back.

He is good around other dogs or should I say, he's not really interested in them, and if you trail walking him and you take him off leash, he will stop to check back on you every 3 seconds or so (okay, the third funniest thing, I actually timed him).

He is very sweet.

Other Dogs: Yes

Kirby is a quiet, happy-go-lucky dog who is ready to play with other dogs. He interacts with other dogs if he is ready to have fun. Until he gets to know the other dog, he will just be an observer.

Cats: No

He has not been tested with cats.

Children: Yes

Kirby enjoys interacting with children. He is compliant. When Kirby tires, he will retire to his doggie bed.

Kirby is in excellent health. 

Kirby is working on a refresher course  with basic commands.

March 22, 2016 Update

Bruno Takes A Trip

I have been a Kerry owner for a very long time, but had not been involved in the rescue program until Mimi Karsh called me on March 22, 2016. Bruno was in need of getting from Tustin, CA (30 min from where we live) to LAX to get on a plane to Philadelphia where he would be met by Stephanie from Baltimore, MD. I immediately said yes, checked my calendar and we were successful in getting everything arranged for a flight leaving at 10:30 AM Sat, March 26, the day before Easter. It took Mimi, Brad in San Jose and Dianne Collins and me in a coordinated effort to get that accomplished. I am not a regular in this kind of operation, but those who are on the ”inside” of the KBTF provided all the help that I needed to get the required documents so that Bruno could be on his way.

You would never guess that Bruno had been so many different places in a few short months. When I picked him up, he was happy, friendly and glad to be with me, wagging his tail nearly nonstop. On the way home (my husband, Tom, had already agreed that Bruno could be overnight with us and our two Kerries), I got Bruno to my vet, who had received documentation of his vaccinations by FAX. He was very impressed by Bruno, saying what a nice dog he was, and as soon as his travel papers were in order we were on our way.

When I got him home, I immediately introduced him to Katie, almost 8 years old that I have had since she was a puppy, and Annie, my rescue from last year who is no more than 6. Bruno fit in with our pack beautifully, running and playing in the backyard as if they’d known each other forever. Bruno is totally delightful and engaging. Tom and I decided that a third dog would be too much for us, otherwise we would not have put him on a plane the next day. To use Tom’s description, he “stole our hearts.” We were both close to tears when we checked him in for his flight.

The information about him says that he is ten, but I think he is much younger, he is so energetic. Whoever adopts Bruno will be getting a precious friend and dear companion.

Carolyn and Tom

Fullerton, California

March 31, 2016 Update

Bruno’s name has now been changed to Kirby. He is doing great in his new foster home with 2 other neutered male Kerries and 1 spayed female Kerry. He likes playing in the yard, and the foster reports his name should be “Flash” as he loves to run around in the yard….fast! He is slightly underweight, but the foster is working to get him fattened up. He is a sweet boy, and any adopter would be lucky to have him! He has been thoroughly vet checked and has had a dental.

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