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2015 - Reilly

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Reilly, 7-year old Kerry Blue Terrier (Mix?)

Originally Posted on November 1, 2015

  • Rescue Coordinator: Regina Corry
  • Fostered in Virgina
  • Name Known By: Reilly
  • Estimated Age: 7
  • Sex: Male
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Pure Kerry: Unsure
  • Housebroken: Yes

Reilly has been adopted on June 28, 2016.

  • Dog's Original Name: Reilly

Meet Reilly, a young Kerry who recently suffered the indignity of being identified as a "small standard Schnauzer" when he was pulled from a shelter. We don't know about this lovely boy's background: there is a chance that he is a Kerry mix but he looks and acts like a full blooded Kerry (albeit without set ears, and with a short tail and a Schnauzer haircut). The vet thinks he is between one and three years old.

Reilly has bounced around a bit, but landed with Schnauzer rescue who contacted us. He plays well with his male and female Schnauzer friends, and has a wonderful calm temperament. He settles very quickly when new people enter his world, contentedly chomping on a bone. He is a happy, confident, crate trained little guy who quickly learns new routines and walks well on leash. He isn't dog aggressive, but does resource guard so if he shares a home that will need to be addressed.


Now, the fair warning. He was placed in a home prior to coming to KBTF, and the assessment read "He does not know right from wrong. He jumped on a table to see out our front window, undeterred by the knick-knacks that covered the table." The home also identified him as an escape artist. Our rescue coordinator observed him joyfully counter surfing and shamelessly rooting around in a bag that had dog treats and toys. If you are willing to take the risk on this reported juvenile delinquent, he will require training classes so that he learns the finer points of doggy morality.

He has the usual Kerry puppy energy, and needs a large yard in which to run. He shows great interest in barn hunting, and can even come equipped with his own rats thanks to Schnauzer rescue. He needs someone who will be home during the day, and who wants to pursue barn hunting or agility.

Other Dogs: Maybe

Cats: No

Children: Maybe

January 3, 2017 Update

Reilly is doing very well. His manners were much better than we expected. His foster family must have done a good job working with him. He was a little more dog aggressive than we expected. We have worked with him on this and he is much improved. He is an only pet and this has created a good environment for him. His possessive tendencies have gone away completely. We have three adults in the house and two of us have odd work schedules. This means he is rarely alone. When Joanne is home he usually stays close to her, but has plenty of affection left over for me and our son. Please pass along our thanks to everyone who was involved in his rescue. A special thanks to the family that fostered him. They did a great job with him. Our groomer is Suzanne Rodda, who has many years experience grooming and breeding Kerry Blues. Suzanne is sure he is a purebred Kerry Blue. Someone just didn't do a great job on his tail and one ear. Our Vet also says the one ear may have been damaged in a fight. He has settled in nicely and even put on a pound or two.

TIM Murphy and family

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