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Open your heart, your mind, your home to a Kerry Blue Terrier

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2015 Oliver

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Meet Oliver

Originally Posted on October 21, 2015

  • Rescue Coordinator: George Hanna
  • Fostered in Georgia
  • Name Known By: Oliver
  • Estimated Age: 9
  • Sex: Male
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Pure Kerry: Yes
  • Housebroken: Yes

Oliver has been adopted on January 1, 2017.

Ollie is a 9 year young, neutered, purebred Kerry Blue Terrier in good health who was rescued by the Foundation from a puppy mill.


He is coming back into Foundation rescue because his owner is having health problems and can no longer care for him.


Oliver is being fostered in Georgia and is under evaluation. He is getting along with other Kerries in the foster's home.

We feel like he would really like to be an only dog.

A home with a fenced yard would be required and someone home with him during the day would be a big plus in Oliver's book. A retired couple with Kerry experience would be ideal.

This boy has been confined in the home for a while and is very much enjoying the opportunity to be "out and about" with more freedom. You can simply see the smile on his face in the pictures. 

If you are on the East Coast or live further away but would be willing to make arrangements to meet with Ollie while considering him for adoption, please contact the rescue coordinator listed above. Oliver will not be shipped without a face muzzle to avoid any meeting issues.

April 7, 2016 Update

Ollie is doing great in his foster home! He is getting along with other Kerries, an 8 year old boy and is a people person. The foster reports that he only “wants to please” and stick close to family members. Because he is a slightly nervous dog, we think Ollie may do well in a home with a laid back female, or a home where is someone is home most of the time to give him the attention he craves.

Ollie needs to put a little weight on but we feel like he would be ready to go to a new forever home in May.

Could this handsome guy be the Kerry you are looking for! He would like to have his own people.

March 3, 2017 Update

We adopted Oliver on December 30, 2016 when we met George Hanna and Oliver at George’s property in Georgia.

Oliver is doing well and seems to have adjusted to the transition from the foster home to ours. He has definitely claimed ownership of his new house and yard, plus whatever else he sees out of the window and on the other side of the fence. We see his beautiful happy smile (more gums than teeth) much more frequently and he constantly approaches us for chin, ear, and tummy scratches. We think Oliver has realized that he's landed with two suckers who find his charms irresistible and would do anything for him. He seems to be milking it for all he can; as we hoped he would!

We had a health exam completed with our veterinarian and overall, Oliver is very healthy for his age (estimated at 13.5 years old). He did need some minor surgery to remove 2 mast cell cysts that were aspirated and which were deemed suspicious plus a dental cleaning (no extractions were needed). We only removed the suspicious cysts, knowing that Kerry’s can be lumpy-cyst-prone dogs.

His teeth were noted as troublesome and he will need to see a canine dental specialist next year for an evaluation to try to keep what he has now. He was Franken-puppy for 2 weeks post-surgery but he healed beautifully, has clean pearly whites (what few he has), and is fully recovered! He has amazing energy that is non stop! He likes to always be underfoot and part of the action. We had his hair-do trimmed slightly before the surgery to make it easier to keep him cleaner and cooler. It’s been very warm and sunny here lately. He warms up fast when he’s out running around!

He enjoys our daily 3 mile walks and running in the yard. Our frequent walks and yard runs keep him tired and help him defuse extra energy and anxiety. We laugh and call it “Puppy Boot Camp”.

We are working on a few minor behavior issues with Oliver and NC State University's Behavioral Medicine Dept. through the Veterinary College. Oliver is a good NCSU Canine student and is making progress! Go Wolfpack! We think he's taught them a thing or two and it has been a very positive experience for all.

We are thankful for the opportunity to adopt Oliver, to all who participated in the rescue and continued care of Oliver, and to have him as a new member our family.

Many thanks,

Oliver’s Forever Family


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