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2015 Finney

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Ms. Finney...A Darling Diva

Originally Posted on January 5, 2015

  • Rescue Coordinator: Mimi Karsh
  • Fostered in Colorado
  • Name Known By: Finessa
  • Estimated Age: 8
  • Sex: Female
  • Spayed: Yes
  • Pure Kerry: Yes
  • Housebroken: Yes

Finessa has been adopted on August 25, 2016.

  • Dog's Original Name: Finnessa
  • Dog's New Name: Finessa

She was surrendered by her owner when the owner moved and thought that Finney would be uncomfortable with the move as well as not doing well in another apartment environment.

Finney loves all people. As far as she is concerned, the more people, the better the party. She loves to have company and has never met a stranger. Her foster mom refers to her as, “a charmer”.


Finney does not like other animals and is quite anxious when they are around. The foster has been working with her and a behaviorist to lower the anxiety level when she sees other dogs and then act more appropriately.

She is not a dog that will go to the dog park, doggie day care, join in on a jog or trail hike or go for a walk with another dog or group of dogs. Oh no, this girl is interested in lying by the fire with a gaggle of toys and people around. She also does need “girl time” on a feather comforter (see picture). Finney knows what a good Kerry deserves.

Finney would thrive in a home where there is someone home with her during the day (the homes she has been in have all had 8-5 or more worker bee hours), with a securely fenced yard where she could play with her toys (we understand she is very fond of toys) and interact with her humans. In the home, she is simply a love and wants to be with her “people”. Kerry experience would also be required. She needs a knowledgeable Kerry person and a soft lap!

Finney has “been around” while in foster care and met many people. They all describe her as a lovely dog and a real love of a gal. Any number of the people she has met have volunteered to be a reference for her.

Other Dogs: No

Cats: No

Children: Maybe

Children older than 5 probably ok.

Finney is in good health.

Finney needs persistant training to lower her anxiety level around other dogs.  This may be a constant requirement.

Additional Photos

Photo of Finessa
Photo of Finessa
Photo of Finessa

April 1, 2015 Update

Finney is coming along well with her training and is very happy. Her health remains good. She also has great taste and has taken to a very expensive sleeping bag.... that is now out of sight and out of reach!


January 2, 2016 Update

More photos of Finney.


November 13, 2016 Update

Finnessa was placed with her fosterfamily as a "permanent foster": a dog that can not be placed becuase of a health or behavior issue.  The Foundation will continue to pay for all her care.  Please consider making adonation for her care orbecome her Angel.

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