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DOB 8/13/05


Owned by Judith Bruno, CA



Pinky getting her ears pasted in Ohio just after her rescue.





The earliest photos of Pinky taken en route from Ohio to Texas.





Pinky in California


From: jbruno@RALDEN.COM
Subject: [KBL] Christmas Miracle 2005 Update:
Pinky Bryce - The Rape of Pinky - a long saga
Date: March 4, 2008 8:12:29 PM PST

This happened back in November 2007, and I did not make a posting to the
List because I was just totally mortified and horrified it could happen
to me. But when I wrote to the List asking for updates, I thought that
this story is exactly the kind of story we all can learn from.


For those unfamiliar with Pinky's past, at a little over 4 months of age
she was diagnosed with a condition known as pelvic bladder, in which
part of the bladder neck & body is in pelvic canal. 50% of dogs with
this condition are incontinent.


We adopted her having had two females with different levels of
incontinence which were successfully treated under the care of the IM
docs at UCDavis Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital - using PPA
(Phenylpropanolamine) which 85% effective in curing incontinence
regardless of the cause. In addition if/when we had seasonal break
though leaking (which we often had at the first drastic change in
weather), we worked with our holistic advisor, and using Chinese herbs
and other supplements, were able to provide further support and tonify
her bladder and sphincter.


Back to the Pink, although it took a good 7 months to completely potty
train Pinky, she is 100% continent.


Still our team of vets and consultants felt that even though she was
continent, if, in fact, she had pelvic bladder (which we still aren't
certain of even though an IVP contrast series was done), her bladder
would be in a compromised situation with more stress on it than the
normal bladder. We feared that the loss of estrogen (due to spaying)
might be the straw that broke the camel's back and tipped the scales to
the side of urinary incontinence. For that reason we decided not to spay
her - a decision we did not make lightly.


We'd never had, or planed to have, an intact pet.


Pink is the bossiest Kerry we have ever had, and the least compliant.
From her first season she hated normal bitches britches, and liked
nothing more than to tear the pads out of the pants and shred them. She
did best in cotton training pants, but wouldn't you know with the rise
in convenient, disposable training pants - the now old fashioned, thick,
100% cotton Carter's training pants are getting hard to find - and what
you find available are the very pricey organic variety for the real


We have an additional problem living here in the desert. Our house is
"U" shaped with many doors leading to the interior and back yard. Roland
hates air conditioning and all the interior doors are usually left open.
When Pinky is in season, this creates real problem; with free access to
the yard - and training pants on - if unsupervised, she will often run
outside to potty - and does, in her pants. Ahhhhhhh laundry and more


Maybe you get the idea that another challenge is Roland. I may be able
to train my kerries to a certain extent, but I know I can never retrain
Roland. During her season I always have pants on Pinky 24/7. However
Roland feels sorry for Pinky and likes to allow her to run around naked
- and leave me to clean up behind her.


Well back in November when this all took place. . .


Pinky came into season.


To add to the challenge, we were and still are in the middle of a major
house remodel. During the construction it has been my policy to keep the
Gurls in the back of the house, in our bedroom/office (which will be the
last area to be touched by the renovation). I try to make up for their
confinement by taking them for extra walks during the day for exercise
and stimulation. I don't like to allow them freedom in the construction
areas, which included the front of the house and back yard. The back
yard has been 100% secure, we replaced the gate to the back yard with a
"better" gate. All the workers know to close the gates immediately
behind themselves. But the yard is a maze of trenches, construction
supplies and dangerous debris, the pool sits empty - the hazards are too
many to enumerate. Things get moved about daily and poor Heddy is now
nearly blind.


It was a Saturday morning and I had gone out with a friend. When I left,
Pinky and Heddy were secure in the back of the house and Pinky was
wearing her white training pants. Ro was working with our contractor
Chris installing some new exterior doors.


Pinky adores Chris and shamelessly flirts with him, and he loves dogs,
and she is often by his side.


Mind you I learned all this after the fact.


Ro and Chris were busy leveling a door when a neighbor Jim yelled over
the front wall that he had corralled Pinky in front of his house.


It was bad enough that Pinky had gotten out of our "secure" yard, and
worse that she did so while in season.


But she was found playing with Buck, and intact yellow lab who is ALWAYS
out roaming.


I got home about half hour after her return and heard the story. I saw
her entire neck and shoulder were still wet with Buck's slobber.


When Ro told all this to me, Pink was wearing her bikini pants. I said
"that's ok, because nothing could happen with her pants on".


No - he said. Ro being Ro had had Pinky with him and Chris in the front
of the house. Pinky had been naked since they had come in from their
morning walk.


They both said they were shocked when Jim came to the gate, because it
seemed to both of them that Pinky had just been at their side. She
couldn't have been gone more that 5-10 minutes - well no more 20 minutes
at the very most (really accurate!) Chris's mom had bred mini Schnauzers
and he said there was no way she had been gone long enough for a


Ro and Chris immediately checked the yard and as all gates were secure.


They believe that Buck came to the back yard gate, knowing Pink was in
season. Pinky got excited (probably in more ways than one) and she
squeezed out the gate between the vertical bars. She loves to play with
big dogs, her best pals are an 85 lb lab and Jim's even larger Ridgeback


I was furious, but wasn't in a panic YET, and thought science could help
shed some light on the situation. So I immediately called my most
trusted vet. Unfortunately I got little comfort from our conversation.


He started by saying that bitches, at the peak of fertility during their
season, will do anything to escape to find a mate.


But he did not think it likely that anything happened in 15-20 minutes.


However the real problem is there is no conclusive test for pregnancy
and my vet said there was no way I could tell from a physical exam until
about 21 days when an ultrasound might show pups.


And there is also no safe "morning after pill" the only solution would
be to spay her.


The best we could do is get an accurate count of which day she was in
her cycle. And here is where it gets complicated. Since I never intended
to breed Pinky - I had failed to get a PhD in the science of breeding.
This is complicated by the fact that a few weeks previous to her season
Pinky had been very irritated and constantly licking her vulva. I had
called my vet to discuss what I should do, when I realized she was due
to come in season any day. My vet said not to worry that some bitches
have irritation during their season.


So I watch and watched. I thought I had seen a drop of two of blood on
the tile, but in the chaos of construction it was hard to be sure. It
was a full two weeks later before I got blood on a tissue when I swabbed
her vulva - that is what I counted as the official day one.


However before making the decision to not spay Pinky I talked to some
trusted advisors and they said that Kerry bitches often keep themselves
so clean you often don't know for some time they are in season except
for the swelling of the vulva.


If I started my counting from the day I swabbed a drop of blood on the
tissue, the day of "the rape" would be her most fertile time. But I
wondered if things might have gotten started sooner than I was
officially aware?


Nor could I trust the accuracy of Roland and Chris supervision, was it 5
or 10 or 20 minutes - or more?


So I decided to get a witness statement from Jim to see if he could
provide me with more specifics.


How did he discover them? He said he was driving home and while coming
down the street and saw two dogs running and chasing each other around
in his front yard, only to discover to his shock it was Pinky.


Did he notice any amorous activity? No they were just playing rough like
Pinky likes to play


Any sign that Buck was or had been excited, was his penis exposed? No
nothing like that!


So he and Ro & Chris and my vet were all pretty certain that no sexual
contact took place.


I could add to my pile of facts that from the time Jim saw Pinky while
driving, got home, parked, got hold of Pinky and walked her home had to
take at least 5 minutes. I could subtract that from the total of 20
minutes - if I could only be sure that it was just 20 minutes. I still
had nothing concrete to hang my hat on.


There is no way I would ever consider having a "mistake" litter of pups,
either purebred or not. I'm way too much of a control freak to ever feel
comfortable placing the pups - remember I am a 3 time foster flunkie.
And where would you ever be able to find good homes for Kerrylabradores?
I had no intention of starting my own designer breed!


Being the Jewish mother I am, I anguished over the situation. Do I wait
21 days for proof, before I making a decision?


When I looked at the entire situation, the chance of her being knocked
up were probably less than 50/50. But if she was, the idea of a litter
of pups was overwhelming.


The bottom line and truth of the matter was that I would possibly be
facing this same situation twice each year. There is just no way I could
ever, with 100% certainty, retrain Roland.


I still worried that if I chose to spay her I was facing uncertainty in
terms of urinary continence.


I decided it was best to make an appointment with my most trusted vet,
he suggested 2 weeks later.


After two weeks of sleepless nights I tossed Pinky in the car for the
long drive to San Francisco weighing each choice over and over. I still
had no idea what to do.


After discussing it with my vet we decided to be safe instead of sorry,
for now and the future, and decided to spay her.


It was pretty gut wrenching for days following the surgery watching her
vulva like a hawk for any signs of leaking urine. I did feel some
stickiness on her back leg furnishings and was miserable at the thought
of the possibilities. We were already back home in the desert, so I
decided to take her to my local vet who did a vaginal swab and
discovered that she had a pseudomonas infection. After a 21 day course
of antibiotics and 7 days off we re-tested and the infection had cleared
up. No further stickiness on her rear furnishings.


It is now nearly 3 months later and I am happy to report Pinky is still
continent, and I am glad the ordeal is behind us!


I feel relieved that everything worked out in terms of her continence.


I feel lucky we had a wakeup call and made modifications to the gates.


I may be able to train my dogs, but I know there is no way I can ever
retain Roland - and I had to find a more reliable long term solution.


I also learned, that no matter how careful you are, you do not have the
power to control life 100% of the time. Mistakes, even bad ones, do
unfortunately happen. All you can do is try to take steps to avoid
making the same mistake twice.


Judith Bruno
Palm Desert, CA USA


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