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A Christmas Miracle


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This page provides a chronological history of the escape of 5 Kerries from the puppy mill industry.


Posted on Day 2, Sat Dec 17, 2005


Yesterday, in a small snowy town in the rural Midwest, 5 Kerries were rescued from a puppy mill by the Foundation and several members of the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Northern Ohio. Without their help, and the generosity of our donors, this rescue simply would not have been possible. Thanks to them, these dogs will never be bred over and over again in the mills, or end up in unsuitable homes, or become someone's "Christmas present" to be thrown away later. These dogs are now safe.


Two dedicated Kerry people made the long drive to the mill and back, partly in the dark, through white-out conditions in some areas, to bring home 4 4-month-old puppies and a young brood bitch. Throughout the long drive, there wasn't a peep heard in the back of the van. Perhaps they knew, by the kind voices and gentle handling of their rescuers, the warmth of the van, and the rhythmic sound of the road below that they were leaving their old life behind, that things would be better now.


Thanks to a vet willing to work late, all 5 Kerries were examined, vaccinated, and treated (the puppies for parasites and one eye infection), and we are happy to report that every single one appears to be in good health. But our rescuers weren't done yet. That night, despite their exhaustion, they bathed and groomed all 5 dogs, washing the stink of the mill down the drain, plucking and pasting ears, and transforming puppies who had never been groomed before into sweet-smelling, proper-looking Kerries.


This morning, our 5 little rescues were taken to their foster home, Judy Barnett of Shaggy Dog Rescue near Cleveland. Judy, the director of an all-breed rescue group, with Kerry experience and a special love of all terriers, opened her home and heart to our little guys who had no place to go. It was her offer of help that gave us the green light to initiate this Rescue.


A Rescue like this is an accomplishment any time of year, but to have done it at Christmas, when so many other things are pressing on our time, it is something of a miracle. While some of us are baking cookies, wrapping gifts, shopping, and partying, three very special people in Ohio have put their Christmas plans on hold to take care of 5 homeless Kerries. They are the heros of this Rescue effort. Others on our Rescue team will be spending their time screening adopters, phoning references, and planning transportation to get these Kerries to their new homes. We acknowledge their sacrifices and the contributions they are making to the breed. And we hope, by their example, they will inspire others to volunteer.


To our donors, I'd like to say, you helped pay our bills for the Great Escape Rescue of 14 Kerries in September. Because you came through in heartwarming numbers, we did not have to turn our backs on these 5 Ohio Kerries. To those of you who have not donated, we'd like to ask your help now. It is the season of love and hope and giving, and our newly rescued Kerries need all the help you can give.


Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who are helping. Kerry by Kerry, we ARE making a difference.


Jan in Santa Ynez, CA
Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, Rescue Director




Pinky Bryce, Action Figure
Parents: Judith Bruno & Roland Alden
Outfitted by: Burberry




Pinky on her first birthday 1-Jun-06.


More pictures of Pinky:


Date: Sat Jun 10, 2006 5:18:43 PM US/Pacific


Seamus (in darker coat) is growing fast. He is 9 1/2 months old and is already starting to turn grey. He is the most affectionate dog we have ever owned and is very well behaved. He certainly is not the skinny puppy who arrived at our house two days before Christmas! Molly is standing and Seamus if lying in front.

Seamus is owned by David and Sally Symmes in Massachusetts but has three families (my married children who consider him their dog).


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