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2015: Three Kerries Rescued


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Three Tired True & Blue Kerries

Three Kerry Blue Terriers Comming from Appalling Conditions Rescued


Original Posting June 9, 2015, 10:57 AM

Last weekend (May 30, 2015) two KBT females appeared on Petfinder. On Monday morning the shelter holding them was called by KBTF Rescue. The shelter responded by sending some of the most appalling pictures seen in quite some time. The dogs had not been groomed in so long that the shelter first identified them as Pulis. With dreadlocks down to the floor, coats so filthy and matted it was almost impossible to determine their color and it was hard to tell the head from the tail end in both cases. The next shock came when we learned that there were not two but three dogs! The third dog, a male, was not yet ready for adoption after pulling out stitches following surgery.

The dogs had not been groomed in so long that the shelter first identified them as Pulis.
Once the heavy coats were removed, the full extent of the condition of the dogs was could be seen and it was heartbreaking. All three were undernourished, frightened and badly in need of major dental work in spite of their relatively young (approximately 6 years) ages. They had been given a cursory dental check while they were under anesthesia at the time they were neutered and it was noted then that they would need deep cleaning and extractions. Only heartless neglect could have led to such horrible conditions in their mouths. Their teeth should not have been such a surprise considering the shape that their coats and bodies were in.
Once the heavy coats were removed, the full extent of the condition of the dogs was could be seen and it was heartbreaking.
Now that all three dogs are in our care, they are being vet checked and dentals are scheduled. Because of the heavy summer schedule the vets have, the dogs will have to be shuttled for exams and dental treatment one a day and returned to boarding. We are in the process of arranging foster homes so that the dogs can be moved as soon as their health permits and their dental work is completed.
Tired of Being Smelly

The Foundation is honored to be able to take in, transport, care for and make all arrangements to foster evaluate and find forever homes for these three little guys.

It will not be will not be easy.....and it will not be cheap!!!

We are looking forward to finding out "who these guys are" and placing them in homes where the rest of their lives will be far from the fear they now exhibit and, instead, will be filled with good food, proper care, comfort and loving families they can call their own.

We are in the process of getting this information up and we will keep you updated as the vetting and evaluation process goes forward on both the KBL email list and the KBTF website under Rescue.

The rescue team and volunteers are to be commended for their tireless efforts to make this tricky rescue possible.

June 10, 2015 Update

The dogs were out playing today and enjoying some extra freedom. They seem very fond of people and all three were eager for attention.

More later.

June 15, 2015 Update

This coming week begins the vet and dental work to be done on April, June and Marti. The vet clinics are full and appointments are hard to find now that it is summer and people are vacationing and boarding as well as finding time to take their dogs in for dentals. We feel fortunate that there was a vet who was willing to work with us and fit in our 3 little ragtags. The dogs will be taken one at a time for a pre-dental blood panel. They will spend the night at the vet and then the dental will be done the next day. Late in the afternoon they will be taken back to the boarding facility and the cycle will start with the next dog. All three dogs should be finished by the end of the coming week. We are hoping there will not be any surprises in the health department. The shelter they came from did advise us that all dogs have bad teeth and we have been guaranteed that there will be some extractions. All dogs are being fed a wet/dry combination of food to try and keep any discomfort in their mouths down for now.

The dogs are having to be boarded before being vetted. We did not have any local fosters that could take the dogs in without a complete vet check. Their situation is still not ideal and they are still stressed to some degree but they are so much better off than they were at the county shelter. We are hoping that by the end of the week we can move them into foster care.

We will be getting new pictures off to you this week. They are all happy with people, love attention and are clean with full bellies.

Thanks to all who inquired about their wellbeing and offered foster care and made donations where they could not foster. These guys really deserve a great life...and they will get it!

June 19, 2015 Update

Hooray! All three of the Tired trio have finished their dental work.

The weigh in summary was:

    • April at 25 lbs.
    • June at 20 lbs.
    • Marti at 25 lbs.

All 3 dogs are extremely underweight and it is hard to believe that their mouths were not part of the problem. The vet said they must have been in quite a bit of pain. Looking at those mouths, you can see why.

April will leave on a flight Sunday for her foster home and other arrangements are in the process for Junes and Marti to also go into foster care.

These poor pups have had a hard time for a long time but are now on their way to a fresh start in life. With a little luck, they will find forever homes that will cherish them and they will find out that the "good life" awaits them. It is hard to think of how miserable they must have been and how long they were denied, what most of us would consider, basic care.

Thank you again for all of your support. The fact that 3 dogs have been lifted from misery and now have a chance to feel good and can look forward to "normal" lives should make you proud.

Three Cheers for the Three, Tired, True and Blue Kerries and the incredible Kerry spirit that they maintained in spite of difficult times. Anyone who does not admire the strength, resilience and inward beauty of Kerry Blue Terriers, does not know Kerry Blue Terriers and has probably not had the privilege of living with and loving one.

Have a nice weekend folks!

(For information on specific dogs of the Three Tired True & Blue Kerries, click on the right column.)

June 19, 2015 Update

Our three tired and true Kerry Blues are settling in to their foster homes. They will be recuperating and their needs assessed for the best matching forever home. Keep an eye on these web pages when they become available for adoption.

June 26, 2015 Update from our Rescue Director

I wanted to update everyone on "The Three" as we go into the weekend. Both Marti and June have had several play dates this past week and did very well. They seem to get along with dogs and they certainly love people. They are both described as good, sweet dogs. There will be a new picture of Marti on the website.

April has arrived at her foster home in Canada. She did fine during the trip and seems to be adjusting well into the rhythm of the foster home where she is being evaluated. Ongoing updates will be posted to the website by the local Rescue Coordinator and the Rescue Director for Canada. We are grateful for the help and enthusiasm shown on behalf of Miss April.

June is scheduled to leave for her new foster home this coming week. She is recovering well from her dental and has finished all of her meds. She is happy that eating does not hurt so much now.

Marti is going to a meet and greet for a foster opportunity this coming boy looks so cute in his picture. He is one happy guy.

Thanks again for all your support. These poor scraggly souls are "getting there". They still need help but it appears it is all falling in place. We have not sub-totaled all the bills yet (I am kind of afraid to) but they will be substantial.

Have a nice weekend.

Update from our Rescue Director

Hi All,

I want to give everyone the final update on June (now Annie) and Marti (now Jameson/Jamie). Both Kerries have been adopted by the wonderful families who fostered and evaluated them. One of the benefits of our Foster to Adopt program is the ability of the fosters to have first dibs on unknown dogs that they are willing to take into their homes, vet and evaluate. This benefit is extended because a foster family is taking in a dog they know nothing about and they understand there may be some household changes, hard work and uncertainty while the foster dog is there. So, I happily announce that there are 2 more foster "flunkies" to join the long list of those who succumbed before you. We appreciate the hard work of the fosters and are so happy that these dogs have gone from horrible conditions to ideal homes with loving families.

Now that we have reached the happy end to this saga of Annie and Marti, I am compelled to extend my sincere thanks, admiration and gratitude to Mimi Karsh. Mimi is the rescue coordinator for the Rocky region. This rescue could not have taken place without Mimi. She negotiated with the shelter for the dogs, drove up to get them and transport them down to Denver. There was nowhere for the dogs to go because we had no current fosters in place in that area and the vets and boarding facilities could not take them because they were all booked around the July 4th holiday. The 3 dogs could not stay with Mimi because they were "unknowns" and Mimi has a little testy girl of her own. Mimi somehow arranged to stay on the phone, show up in person and badger a day care/boarding facility into taking the dogs. She had to promise they would be gone before July 1. Talk about pressure.

Once she had a place for them to stay, she negotiated with vets until she could find one that would take the dogs, one day at a time, to check them for health issues and have their horrible mouths worked on. Mimi drove every day to visit the 3 in boarding and drove them, one by one to and from the vet office. She also kept them at her home the first night after dental work to make sure they were ok. She went daily to the boarding facility to give meds and soft food plus a little additional exercise and to get reports on them from the staff.

Two of the 3 dogs needed to be shipped. Mimi drove to the pet store each time and got crates, arranged the flight reservation, took the dogs to the airport for shipping, one at a time on different dates, and stayed in touch with the fosters before and after arrival.

The emotions ran high, the hours were long, the driving was constant and exhaustion was always at the edge. The only complaint I ever heard from Mimi had to do with the concern she had for these wretched little Kerries. She jokingly (I hoped) told me she was going to stop taking my calls, looking at my emails or checking text messages. I would not have blamed her but she was always a good sport about it and kept in touch. I begged her not to die before the rescue was over. She begged me to stay off the computer and stop finding Kerries in her area. I also understand that her family staged an "intervention" to find out how she was and to make sure the dogs were going to be gone soon! I did not blame them either. Mimi had just handled 2 other Kerry rescues (she was the foster) and transports prior to The Three showing up.

There are no really good words to express my thanks, so I will go with the tired and tattered, "Thank You, Mimi, rescue by one extraordinaire"! I also apologize for the "ping" of your iPhone when I left a text message at 3 am. I think that is about the time you started mumbling something about the "communication". I know your wallet is worn out from opening and closing it so much during this entire rescue period. Name the color and I will send you a new one. I have no help for the bending of your back from bathing dogs to give them their initial relief.

Thanks are also extended to Linda Grisley , the Canadian Rescue Director, her rescue coordinator, Candace, the foster family in Canada who took in April and the others who volunteered to foster. Volunteers from the Canadian group were the first to offer fostering which was gladly accepted and greatly appreciated.

Finally, my thanks to you who offered fostering, transporting, moral support and supplied generous donations. We were in desperate need of all four. You are the rescuers. Without your help, there are no resources for any rescue and the rest of us can do nothing. Last to be thanked, you are the first to offer hope to dogs who deperately need help.


Dianne Collins,
Recue Director

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