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2015 Rescue Kerries:Placed Marti


© 2015 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Marti, now called Jamie

Fostered in Colorado
Rescue Coordinator: Mimi Karsh

June 9, 2015 AM

Marti a 6-year old neutered purebred male KBT.

Look what's under this mess of hair!
Feeling better after a drastic clip.
Marti was brought out of a shelter. He was in horrible shape going in and a bit better coming out. He is at this point a "cone head" as he recovers from surgery.He will be given a vet check, a deep clean dental (with extractions) then evaluated.

We are so thrilled to have him out! Here are before and after pictures in the shelter.

Updates will be given as they are received.

June 9, 2015 PM

Marti is going to his foster home from the vet.

June 10, 2015

Marti was given a nice new inflatable collar to replace the worn "cone" that he came with. He cut his eyes as if to say, "I thought your ate or sat on a donut. Why is it around my neck!"

June 18, 2015

While April and June are habing theor teeth cleaned, handsome Mr. Marti made his rounds at the vet clinic. Bloodwork was done and his dental will be today. I understand he was happy to see everyone there, dogs and people. He is described as being "sociable"!
Marti at the vet.

June 19, 2015 PM

Marti's mouth was the worst of the 3. We had been made aware that his mouth was in pretty shabby shape when the 3 dogs were turned over by the shelter. Boy, was his mouth a mess. The poor guy had abscessed teeth, exposed roots and tartar (which seems minor at this point). 8 teeth were extracted and the pictures are being sent to the website. It looks like the poor guy doesn't have enough teeth left to eat with but the vet assured us that he would be able to eat just fine...well, maybe not this minute! We were told that he will be able to consume food just as well as a dog with the normal amount of teeth once his mouth is not so tender. He is on his way to healing.
Left Before
Left Afterward
Right Before
Right Afterward
Sprung from the vet and enjoying the green, green grass.
Marti will be spending the night in "rehab" while he gets his medication and really gets back on his feet.
I think I am getting close to needing a trim.
Detail of the Three Tired True & Blue Kerries' rescue adventure can be found here.

July 15, 2015 Update

Marti is regaining his health, loves food and wants to meet everyone.

July 19, 2015 Update

Marti has been adopted by his foster family and has been renamed Jamie.


After about a month with Jamie (formerly "Marti" of the "Three Tired, True and Blue" Kerries rescued in Colorado), it's time for an update to the KBT list.

Jamie surveying his new garden.
Jamie (my husband named him Jameson, after the Irish whiskey) is a lovable, handsome, youthful six-year-old who is quickly adapting to our household, which includes my husband, eleven-year-old Molly, and me. We think he had a good early start in life, however, because he is very comfortable around humans and so far has done very well one-on-one with other dogs. He also has good manners in some ways: he willingly goes into his crate, he generally walks nicely on leash, and he lies down in the back seat of the car when traveling. He had a long period of neglect before his rescue by the Foundation, however, which had two especially bad consequences for him: he was seriously underweight, and his teeth were so diseased that almost all of them had to be removed (he retains only his four canine teeth and the little ones between them). When he joined our family, Jamie weighed only 27 pounds (up from 25 when initially rescued). Our vet suggests that we not let him get over 30 pounds, because his bones have stopped growing, and because dogs are healthier when somewhat lean.
So bad!
Keeping him lean is going to be "interesting," however. For one thing, having lived on the verge of starvation for the last few years , Jamie is frantically avid for food. We have to put our meals well out of his reach, and we don't dare turn our back on him while working in the kitchen. (He slurped up most of my cereal-and-peaches one morning before I caught him.) At the table, he has started to learn not to jump up on us (to get closer to the food), but it will take a while before he can be relied on to wait. So since he is a "bottomless pit" when it comes to food and since he needs a lot of training, it will be easy to overfeed him, I think. On the other hand, the easy solution to this overfeeding would seem to be "lots of exercise"! Indeed, Jamie is very fit. He loves long walks and rowdy, rambunctious play. He has a beautiful gait, especially when he can move into a fast trot -- but I can't maintain that pace very long and he never gets tired. (I have new respect for those who handle dogs in the show ring and who have to run as fast and smoothly as their dogs in order to show them at their best!

My biggest problem on walks is that Jamie is very excitable, barking and barking when he sees any other dog, or a cyclist or biker. If he sees humans, he just stops and points at them but doesn't bark unless they're running. If invited to meet a person or another dog (male or female), he's generally very good. He'll greet other dogs with sniffing, of course, and usually he goes into a play bow and then barks more in an invitation to get rowdy. On play dates, he's been wonderful, seeming to understand which dogs like to chase and wrestle and which are more sedate.

I'm using a citronella collar on walks (it discourages but does not completely deter his barking) and I'm trying to help him stay calm when he's starts to get over-stimulated. Calming talk works well unless there's more than ONE stimulus (i.e., if he's meeting another dog and a jogger goes by...heaven help me!). Also, I'm investigating trainers and doggie day care centers to help him learn the commands he doesn't yet know (such as "sit" or "leave it") and get more exercise to tame his excessive arousal.

Despite all our ups and downs with his behavior, though, Jamie has won our hearts with his endearing enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of our company. He loves to get into a lap or to sleep at our feet. He never tires of human touch and gazes into my eyes blissfully when I rub his ears. Even Molly, who loved our departed Roddy but did not like any other dogs, has accepted him completely. (She did have to correct him a few times to show him how to show deference to the Boss Lady. She did this in only two days . Sometimes I think that if I could just snarl and snap the way she does, he'd be perfectly well-behaved already.)

So happy!

We are so glad to be able to give Jamie a forever home and so appreciative of all the Foundation volunteers who helped him get to us. A rescued dog usually presents challenges (so does a perfectly healthy and happy Kerry Blue, for that matter!) but oh, their gratitude is so obvious and genuine. What a privilege to share our home with Jamie!

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