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There is nothing in the world like a Kerry Blue Terrier!

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2015 Rescue Kerries Placed: Taz, was Oreo


© 2015 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Oreo, now Taz, a 10-year old female Kerry-mix

Rescue Coordinator: Kim Applegate

Fostered in Sacramento, CA

Original Write-Up

We found this Kerry-mix in a Sacramento, CA shelter. She was picked up as a stray.

When Kerries are neglected their coat and appearance quickly deteriorate. This 10-year old girl did not have much of a chance to be adopted through the shelter. Yet her temperament and affection was wonderful.

The advantage of older rescue dogs is that any of them have been trained. Oreo is house broken, crate trained, walks well on a leash and knows how to behave around other dogs, cats and people.

She has a wonderful temperament, but has a skin condition caused by neglect and poor nutrition. She is recovering nicely.

She would fit in any family. It did not take much time to find her a home in Southern California.

For more information on Oreo, contact Kim Applegate at

April 12, 2015 Update

Today, Oreo flew to her nome home in Sounthern California. She was a brave girl on the flight. Her new parents are thrilled to meet her for the first time, and so is their elderly Kerry companion.

April 16, 2015 Update

From: Georgia Will
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2015 1:50 PM
Thank you for thinking of us for this beautiful gift.

We are calling her Taz.

She has already earned her keep, lol! There was this nursery pot full of firewood in the front courtyard. She was desperate to get in it (clawing at it and falling down over and over). I said "don't be silly, there is nothing in there, honey! Here, I will show you …."

I pulled the container out and began taking the logs out one at a time saying " Seeeee, there is nothing in her……… " and a mouse ran out of the drainage hole at the bottom of the container.

After I stopped laughing and telling Taz that she is a good girl, she dove back into the container, bark flying everywhere. I must not have learned my lesson because I said " … OK, now … that's it sweetheart, no more mouses … here, let me show you …….. " and two smaller mice ran out of the drainage holes (mercifully, away from the house).

We took the rest of the logs out of the container and spread them out over a large area so they could be thoroughly inspected by the mighty hunter, now sporting several bark accessories on her head and shoulders.

We also looked extensively for the escaped prey, but they were moving rather quickly and I doubt they are foolish enough to return.

How on earth did we get along without Taz!!!

Taz is content after the mouse episode.

April 22, 2015 Update

From: Georgia Will
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2015 7:50 PM

This weekend, Taz started wagging her tail and lowering her head when we speak to her.

She now reached up with her front legs to investigate new things.

She is sleeping in our room for most of the night and spends the remainder at her guard post with a view of the front door.

I do not want to get overly confident, but I think she is here to stay!

Taz has charmed everyone she has met, including canines and people.

She is a little rowdy at the appropriate time buta also respectful of Jak, the other senior Kerry in the house.

Taz is a good example of the benefits of adopting an elder; trained, used to other dogs and people, and easy to live with. Taz knows what she is doing and does it very professionaly!

Thank you so much, KBTF Rescue, for thinking of us for this wonderful gift!

Georgia Will
Treasurer KBTF

June 14, 2015 Update

From: Georgia Will
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2015 3:32 PM

Taz and Jack.

I'm sleepy.

Naps are always good.




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