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2015 Rescue Kerries Placed: Roxanne


© 2015 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Roxanne, 12-year old female

Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Fostered in Massachusetts

Original Write-Up

Roxanne is a petite and refined Kerry. She is currently shaved down to the skin, as she hadn't had a haircut in a long time and her coat was too long and matted to save, but she has a lovely soft loose silky coat, beautiful ears, and that white spot on the chest that on her is very endearing. She was the spunkier of the two when I first met her in her original home, standing up on her hind legs with her paws tucked over the baby gate and barking emphatically for attention when I arrived.

However, having spent very little time being socialized to the great outdoors (i.e., suburbia) or other dogs, Roxanne is... well..... let's just say that Miss Bravado inside the home is a worried wuss outside. Her foster mom is introducing her to walks and socializing with other dogs and activity, and we're looking forward to her soon having the usual rescue dog epiphany about walks being fun.

Regardless, she is a very sweet, very affectionate girl, and is very happy to run to visitors and be showered with affection and compliments. Her foster mum describes her as a sweet, happy dog, who loves squeaky toys. "She carries one, sometimes 2, in her mouth 24/7, like a pacifier!" says her foster mom.

Roxanne gets along nicely with her foster brother, who is a low-key younger Kerry male, and has had no problems meeting dogs at day care, under supervision and with limits. She hasn't had enough exposure to children to speak of, but interacted with a 3-yo toddler with no problems.

Roxanne loves to follow her foster brother out into the yard for potty breaks, but comes right back in when done. "She is a house dog, like a cat!" says her foster mom. Roxanne loves the couch, and spends most of her time there.

She is okay in the car, but can get carsick during long rides.

She is house trained and appropriate in the home, but does not like being crated and will tell you so by barking.

While Roxanne is doing very well with careful social interactions supervised by experienced and understanding humans, she would be best as the only pet in the home, as she can be a resource guarder re: toys and food. Her foster mum reports that Roxanne has taken all her foster brother's toys and piled them up as hers, and there was one argument when her foster brother got too close to Roxanne's food bowl. Roxanne is perfectly appropriate and gentle when her foster mom removes toys from Roxanne's mouth or toy pile, and behaves appropriately when her foster mom puts out or removes Roxanne's food.

While she has some introduction to the show ring, Roxanne otherwise has had NO training, and can be... well, a pest about begging at the dinner table. She does not yet even know how to receive training, but her foster mom is working on that and we expect Roxanne to learn how to learn very quickly. She has learned the word NO and her foster mom is working on OFF.

Roxanne is healthy and young at heart, and we do have her vet records from puppyhood to verify that she has been a healthy girl, though her coat and skin were dry when she came into rescue just due to needing a bath and maybe a different diet.

Roxanne would be most comfortable as the only pet in an affectionate, terrier-savvy home with humans who will continue to work on obedience and provide guidance to Rox, and who will continue to appropriately introduce her to the great adventure that is the world outside her home -- while still letting her on the couch and the bed.

She is probably not a hiking dog or a running partner, as those things are not very compatible with her expertise as a couch potato, but, who knows. As she becomes more familiar with the world outside her formerly isolated situation, she may become less wussy.... uh, I mean, less tentative in the outdoors.

April 10, 2015 Update

After a month of what must have seemed like a spa vacation to Roxanne, with walks and doggie daycare for socialization and even beginning to.... gulp... learn some basic obedience, Roxanne is being adopted. Roxanne will be moving shortly to a wonderful forever home where she will be the only diva -- I mean, dog -- and will have the most enviable life, being the center of her new humans' attention. Thanks beyond words to her amazingly giving and savvy foster mother, and to Roxanne's new mom and dad. Together, they have made the most magical difference in the life of a very sweet Kerry blue.

May 7, 2015 Update

Roxanne has been adopted! She has now home with a wonderful couple in Massachusetts, and is blissfully charming her new parents with her limitless Kerry charm. They had been waiting for the right dog after the death of their previous canine family member, and Roxanne was there, just as it must have been meant to be. The Rescue team continues to be so appreciative of the wonderful community and people who look at an older dog and see only the wonderful possibilities of sharing life, walks, and couches with these sweethearts.





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