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If we knew any more about Kerries, we'd bark!

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2015 Rescue Kerries Placed: Ava, was Fiona


© 2016 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Little Miss Fiona

Rescue Coordinator: Regina Corry

Fostered near Washington DC

Original Write-Up

A tiny 4-year old spayed, purebred Kerry Blue Terrier.

Someone is about to get very, very lucky. Fiona is a beautiful and smart Kerry girl, full of confidence, and as sweet as can be. Both the vet and vet tech who did her exam wanted to adopt her, exclaiming that she is an angel. Fiona loves humans, and will fix on you with her big expressive eyes without expecting a single thing other than inclusion in your world. She is not quite a Velcro dog as she loves to explore on her own, but she will follow you throughout your daily routine. Despite daily evidence to the contrary, she is convinced that human are fascinating creatures who may do something wonderfully exciting at any point in time. She wags her tail so hard and often that she may need to have it replaced soon.

While she hadn’t ventured outside her yard before, she has rapidly acclimated to new people and experiences. She shows great trust in folks, sure that they are there to do great things for her – even if that means plucking her ears and giving her shots. She wasn’t slowed down by the Cone of Shame after her spay, not caring at all when she rammed into many an object. She is a dream on leash. Startled by the first human who ran by her, she then settled into life on the mixed use trail and isn’t bothered by bikers, joggers, or skateboarders. Fiona loves playing ball, and adores all toys and food. She can be quite acrobatic when chasing the ball or toy, but she is not necessarily graceful.
Fiona will remain in extended foster care so she can work on some issues prior to joining her forever home. She has confinement anxiety, may have separation anxiety, and is learning that she should only potty outside. While she loves her crate when the door is open, she paces, whines and sometimes potties if the door is closed. She also doesn’t like to be contained in a room alone, even with a baby gate. Therefore, she would do best with a family that is home most of the day and is willing to maintain her desensitization and training. After spending a lot of time alone previously, she simply doesn’t want to miss a minute of anything. She just needs desensitization, consistency, love and patience. And a closed toilet seat.

She didn’t get along with her older sister and her mother so she would not do well with another female. She does adore her foster brother. While an alpha, he is also a gentleman who lets her get her way – even when she appropriates his toys and then resource guards them (do I spy a politician??). She may not do well with a male who isn’t as forgiving. She does not resource guard her food, and takes treats nicely. She does show interest in other dogs on walks, so her foster is watching for leash reactivity.
If you are on the East Coast, have someone home during the day, and are willing to continue her training please let us know. She will steal your heart in the first few minutes and will be a great lifelong companion after the initial adjustment. Her foster is a bit protective of Fiona, so please be patient if she grills you about your intentions toward this tiny beauty.
Fiona is fostered in the DC Metropolitan area

February 6, 2015

Fiona's foster family adopted Fiona and renamed her Ava.

March 10, 2015

Let me tell you about our new baby girl. Ava has been with us for almost 5 months and she has become the love of our lives. She has a special place in our home, in bed between Kurt and I.

Ava is our second Kerry Blue Terrier. Brennan was my husbands best friend and the best dog. Ava is becoming his equal. Kurt and Ava are two peas in a pod.

We do a lot together. She saw her first train, she saw her first snowfall and she saw her first kitty cats lol.

We have a trainer working with her for the last few months. She is learning to fetch, leave, search and may soon learn to run a course. She is also learning to get along with the rest of the family, our kitties (Sparky and London).

In a few months she will have her first drive to our camper in the mountains and maybe her first boat ride. She has had a lot of first with us.

In conclusion we hope she is as happy as we are, because, we spoil her rotten. We had to get stock in the pet store. We feel everyone should adopt and enjoy the same happiness, we are experiencing.

We can give you future updates if you like. if you need any assistance in the future, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for everything.

Michele Wagner

April 20, 2015

Here is a picture of Ava (was Fiona) with her family at the campgrounds making new friends.


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