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2015 Rescue Kerries Placed: April


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Fostered in Manitoba, Canada – 

Rescue Coordinator, Candice Biggar

June 9, 2015

April a 6-year old neutered purebred female KBT.

Feeling better after a drastic clip.
April was brought out of a shelter with 2 other Kerries. She was in horrible shape going into the shelter and a bit better coming out. Looks like a sweet little girl.She will be given a vet check, a deep clean dental (with extractions) then will be evaluated.

We are so thrilled to have her out! Here are before and after pictures in the shelter.

Updates will be given as they are received.

June 10, 2015

Uh oh! April is "feelin' the freedom". We better keep an eye on this one. Looks like she is planning a breakout!

June 16, 2015

April has been delivered to the vet office where she is having pre-dental bloodwork for her dental scheduled for tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that no health issues raise their ugly heads.Uh oh. She does not look like a happy camper.
April making her debut at the vet office.

Maybe a window escape looks better now.

June 18, 2015

Poor little April only weighs 25 lbs. Though she is a little girl, she needs to put on some weight. The good news today was her bloodwork was good and the dental was not as extreme as it might have been. Her teeth are "worn" like she might have been chewing on a crate over the years but she only had to have one extraction. Her bloodwork was fine and the vet said she looks healthy.

She was supposed to be taken back to the boarding facility but Mimi thought she needed "rehab" since she needs 3 different types of meds at different hours and did not think the boarding facility could handle it. She is also on soft foods until her mouth feels better. Her favorite part while at the vet office was when the tech put hands on her to feel her body to determine if there were "lumps or bumps". Once she was touched, she sighed and rolled right over for as many belly rubs as she was able to get.

April in rehab who thinks it looks like she is in a garage but is not sure!
We will be working to get her into foster care as soon as possible

June 20, 2015

April having a spa day before she is shipped to her foster home tomorrow.

July 23, 2015: April is still available for adoption

Welcome beautiful bearded April to our adoption program! April is one of the Tired and True Kerry Blues rescued from a Colorado shelter last month. She has been vetted and assessed and would like to have a permanent home in which to claim a couch. She is 6 years, spayed and healthy. April arrived at her foster home June 21st and quickly settled in. She is excellent with people and has no difficulty with strangers handling her. In fact she loves to be petted and loves to receive treats from her new friends. While she has not been tested with small children, she is fine with older kids (over 10).

She is comfortable in a home environment, is house trained and lets you know when she needs to go out. She is content to be on the couch with her family, cuddling and being petted. April knows where her bed is and will get into it when it’s time for bed. While April is crate trained, she does not sleep in her crate, but does not object if she needs to be in it for a short time.

April does not react to loud noises such as fireworks or thunder.

She walks well on a leash with no pulling, knows her commands….sit, lay down, shake a paw and roll over. She is working on extending the length of her stay.

April is a great car traveler and lies down once the vehicle is in motion.

She has had an opportunity to experience lake life, but doesn’t care much for the water, although she can swim.

During the work week, April has a 20 minute walk in the morning and a one hour walk in the evening. Often, she still has lots of energy, so sheenjoys fetching her ball, which eventually tires her out.

April is reactive to other dogs and there is no pattern to it. It doesn’t matter if the dog is big, small, male or female. It will be important to her adopters to work hard with her to at least manage her reaction to other dogs. The foster family is currently exploring the option of a trainer specializing in dog aggression.

April has a couple of growths on her neck and ear (common in Kerries) that are being monitored. An aspiration has determined that there are no “bad” cells in there, but they may need to be removed in future if they grow too large or impede her collar or leash.

April needs a home where someone will give her the love and attention she deserves with a full yard for lots of exercise opportunity and a family to play with. She will require one-on-one training with her new owner to assure her reactivity to other dogs on walks is in check and to cement that bond with her new owner. This girl is a real love bug with humans, but a home with no other animals is a must.

Is your home a perfect match for April? If so, please complete the Adoption Questionnaire and send to Linda Grisley, Rescue Director, Canada at


April continues to settle in – she has been with us for 4.5 months now! We continue to learn more about her each day. For example, now that Daylight savings time is over and the days are much shorter, April has shown her displeasure for going for walks in the dark. In fact, she would rather turn around and go back to her bed if offered to go for a walk in the dark!

We have also learned that April loves football. She likes to sit on the couch and watch it with her family, she likes to put on her jersey and cheer on her favorite team, but most of all she loves playing with her squeaky football and will play catch for hours if you are willing to throw it for her.
April is very active and likes to get a lot of exercise. She goes for a half hour walk in the morning, an hour walk after supper, and plays for at least half an hour a day chasing her football. Even with all that activity, by mid afternoon she will often start “talking” to us telling us she’s bored. She “talks” by sitting close to us, staring right at us, and gently growling and mumbling under her breath.

At this point in time, April’s health is good. She came to us underweight but is now up to 30 lbs which is perfect. It will be a challenge to keep her from getting too heavy because she is constantly asking for treats (and it is very hard to say no). She does have a tendency to get dry crusted eyes which is easily remedied with eye drops once per day. Otherwise she is in good health. Her back teeth did have significant tartar build up but since she has been chewing on bully sticks we’ve noticed a lot of that tartar has chipped off.

Although we found out early on that April was aggressive with other dogs, we have now learned that April can also be aggressive with people. This was a very disappointing and unfortunate thing to find out. She has now nipped 2 people and attempted to bite a 3rd. It seems to be related to her becoming territorial. All incidents occurred at her home and in the yard at the lake, both of which she has become extremely attached to. When she is out walking down the road, people can pass within several feet of her and she will not acknowledge them. However, she takes on a different demeanor when someone comes into her yard or house. Even after greeting them and seemingly being comfortable with them, as soon as then turn to walk away she will immediately lunge and try to bite the back of their legs.

Despite these issues, April continues to be an excellent snuggler and loves to be with her immediate family. She loves to curl up on the couch or even on an awkwardly situated foot stool. She spends time each night fluffing up her own bed, often looking like she’s in a wrestling match with it while she drags it and digs at it until it is perfect. She has become very attached to her parents, staying close by our side where ever we go.

We are very pleased to adopt April and give her a forever home. As much work as it has been, she has been worth it every step of the way.

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