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2015 Rescue Kerries Placed: Alden


© 2016 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Rescue Coordinator: Regina Corry

Fostered in Virginia 

Original Write-Up

Forget cold fusion: we have Aiden , a ten month old Kerry boy who is all energy, all the time. He burned through his first two homes, which simply weren't prepared for a normal Kerry puppy. Here are some pictures of him travelling to his foster home. Everyone involved in his rescue contemplated dognapping him, so look back at your own peril. Aidan is the complete package: a beautiful, intelligent Kerry with a delightful temperament.

Aiden has a gorgeous and soft wavy coat, expressive eyes, and wonderful movement. He is a joy to watch as he struts around the house and yard. While he didn't seem to know his name or commands, he learned (relearned?) to sit if he wants something – food, to go through a door, a treat. But, his favorite version of sit is to quickly touch the floor with his rear: we are working on that! This is a smart boy. He is very, very sweet and affectionate: he loves to give Kerry kisses and get attention. He is getting along well with his intact foster brother, although he is that pushy little brother, and in a few months will likely try to be the alpha with adult dogs.

Aiden needs a home that will understand and welcome his energy. He has two speeds: turbocharged and…oh wait, he only has one speed. On his breakout day, he spent six hours in two different cars with new folks, and didn't sleep a wink. Then he ran around the yard chasing balls and playing with another new human for 45 minutes, another hour playing with his foster brother, then had a bath, then another 45 minutes of dog play, then dinner, then another hour of play – and he had no idea why the humans thought he should sleep or peacefully play with a treat-stuffed Kong??!!! More, more, more action please. He has a very calm disposition, just wants to always be doing something. He is quite confident, maybe a bit cocky, and full of Kerry charm.

A fenced yard is a must, and someone who will match his desire for constant motion. He is a natural for agility. He sees no reason for the three steps onto the porch, and went flying from a two foot wall down into the middle of a staircase. He will need basic obedience training, as he has no couth. He thinks he is a kite when on leash, pulling at the anchor that is the human. However, when there is a treat he will walk in "cookie position" so he just needs a lot of practice. He requests a home with no baths and no grooming please, as he has decided that those are completely unnecessary and not on his fun list as they require him to stand somewhat still.

Aiden will remain in foster care until he is further evaluated and neutered. He is fostered in Virginia.

June 1, 2015 Update

We received this update from Aiden himself.

Dear Diary:

I am SO smart. Only mid-way through my tenth month on this planet, and I have it all figured out! I control the world by just laying down: doors open, treats rain down on me - I can get anything I want! I rule!

I continue on my quest for the right home: my present home is not quite right either. The BEST part is that I have a brother!!! We play tug all the time, and bark at each other!! The humans tell him to take me out and blow the stink off me, which involves running around the yard playing!! He loves me, and I love him!! He is wonderful, and we are best buddies!!!! But, he gets cranky sometimes. I try to engage him in play to take his mind off whatever is bothering him, but it is almost as if this makes it worse. I heard the human say something about his crankiness being caused by a puppy who doesn't understand a line. I wish I knew more about what that means so that I could make that puppy not annoy my best friend. Anyway, I want my forever home to have a female friend, as I heard they might be less cranky. I love having a canine friend, even if he is sometimes no fun.

My humans are home most of the time, so I don't spend much time in my kennel. I am quiet when I go into my crate now, because it means treats AND most of the time it is just overnight (I might have been a my displeasure at the crate when I first met them). The female human stays home during the day, and is pretty boring as she spends a lot of time in front of that dumb screen. But, she stops often to let me into the yard, and to tell me just how wonderful and special I am. Deagh and I entertain each other all day, and we volunteered for Neighborhood Watch. I learned that if I bark at those dogs who walk past MY house that the shutter closes and I can't see anything, so I try to be quiet and just stare down those bad dogs. Sometimes I have to be in my crate other than at night, but oddly enough it always happens after we've been playing all day so I'm tired and it is okay.

My humans are impressed by my acrobatics, especially my leaps up and down the stairs! Something about the "perpetual bloody lip" award. I sometimes misjudge the distance on purpose, and land on my face. It keeps it interesting. Other times I just leap in the air for the sheer joy of it!!

I am so excited to find my perfect home soon! I don't mean to brag, but they will be very lucky. I'm handsome, and smart, and I am a very good boy. Even the vet loves me, and says that I'm very social and a good patient.


July 21, 2015 Update, from Aiden himself

Dear Diary,

Roo-roo (that's hello in Kerry!) Since I last wrote a lot has changed in my life! My Rescue family found a Forever Home for me and life is good! I have settled in and am more relaxed than ever.

There are no other dogs here, but four, count them, four humans! They all come and go during the day, but there's always someone here. When they come back I get so excited my body spins in circles and I say "roo roo"! They then give me my chance to kiss their faces with my very soft muzzle. They make this funny noise that sounds like, "awww"! It sounds nice to me.

My Forever Family often tells me what a good boy I am. All the training I got before coming to live here is called "good manners" and they keep promising to put me on something called a pedestal (whatever does that mean?) I'll just take another play session outside in the fenced yard with my most favorite new toy, a squeaky Kong football! I can trot around and around with that thing in my mouth while my humans giggle. They must like its sound as much as I do.

There is a squirrel community in one tree here that I constantly need to stare up at...who knows what they could be plotting! There are lots of different birds that land on the fence, too. I like to trot around the yard and make them fly off...that cracks me up! I won't hurt them or jump at them....I just cruise by to remind them whose yard it is. LOL!

Thank you so much to all who rescued and cared for me in the time before I came here! I will think of you all next month when I'm going to celebrate my first birthday. Forever Mom says I will have to wear a hat. Really? Well, alright if there's a meaty treat in it for me ;-)

Love, Aiden


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