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2015 Rescue Kerries Available: Teddy


© 2016 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Rescue Coordinator: Stephanie Moore

Fostered on the East Coast    

Well, here is one Teddy bear you sure can't win at the county fair! Even if they would allow you to throw pins in the bottle for him, he would not stand in one place long enough to be caught. This little guy is some prize, just the same.

Teddy had a rough start. Bred by a puppy mill for the use of a large corporation, he was put in a pet shop as a tiny little thing. Kerries do not do well in pet shops and tend to linger. There was one lady who had her eye on him. She bought him, when the price dropped. By then he was 6 months old and had never been out of the pet shop.

Ungroomed Teddy
Teddy has been taught all of his commands and as hard as it is, he will go into a sit stay even when he is very excited.His owner has been ill for quite some time. She knew Teddy deserved a better life. He has been confined to a carpeted hallway, away from his family, without heat or air conditioning and did not have a structured opportunity to relieve himself. He has not had use of a fenced yard and was not walked with regularity. Some bathroom retraining may be needed. As smart as Teddy is, I do not think this will take long.

Teddy is in foster care for vetting and further evaluation.

If you are interested in this 44 lb. cuddle bug, please contact: Stephanie Moore.

If you can't adopt Teddy, please consider becoming a Kerry Angel. 

Deborah Saunders
Regina Corry
Tim Cunningham
Jeff Nelson


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