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2014 Rescue Kerries Placed: Quincy


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Quincy (originally Boby), a 6 year old male  

Rescue Coordinator: Linda Grisley

Temporarily fostered in Montreal, Canada

Original Rescue Write-Up

A couple of months ago, we received word of a Kerry Blue boy in the Montreal SPCA. When we got there, he had already been adopted out. Well, whatdoyaknow….he was returned to the SPCA for attacking the owners cat. This time our volunteer Nadia Bourassa in Quebec was able to get Boby released to the Foundation. He is currently at her house but is separated from the other 3 dogs. Nadia is getting her exercise walking her three then walking Boby separately each day! Boby has been approached by other dogs on a walk and has not shown any tension. He has been walked together with one of Nadia's dog and still has not shown aggression. We are hoping that Boby just had the wrong home and is a typical Kerry, not an aggressive dog, but we don't have any history on him.

Here is Nadia's assessment so far:

Boby went to the groomer, she had to shave him because he was full of knots. His feet were filthy. She said that Boby hadn't been groomed for a couple of years, there were a lot of little rocks stuck in his paws.

I brought Boby to the vet yesterday, he as an eye infection in both eyes. He doesn't like to be touched near his eye. I think it's very paintful for him. The SPCA cleaned his teeth March, 4 2014. He's up to date with his vaccination.

I walked him today with my son and my male Kerry. He didn't try to attack. When he tried to pull on the leash I corrected him and he stayed by my side after that. I don't know without a leash, but for now everything is good.

He's really a good boy, he's gentle with us, he's housetrained, he's very good on a leash, wags his tail every time he sees us. He can stay for 8 hours alone, he's not a barker, he likes to be petted, he knows the commands sit and paw.

I think he would be good in a home with children over 10 with no other pet and with an owner who knows about Kerries. He walks an hour a day and it seems to be perfect for him.

DOB: 2/23/2008

But that brings us to our plea. Boby cannot live at Nadia's house and be properly assessed as adoptable. We are looking for a foster home (possibly an adoptive home if he works out well?) immediately. In you can open your heart and home to Boby, please complete the Adoption Questionnaire or the Foster Home Agreement at and send to Linda Grisley, Rescue Director, Canada at

April 24 Update

From: Nadia Bourassa
Sent: April-24-14 5:37 PM

Here are photos of the first walk together with the 4 dogs (Boby on right). I'm not a professional, but Boby shows no sign of aggression towards our dogs or any other dogs that he meets. I really think he's just a active Kerry.

I think that if he is introduced properly by a experienced Kerry owner, he will be the perfect dog.


April 26 Update

We are still looking for a foster family in Eastern Canada. If you are willing to be a foster family or adopt Boby, please contact Linda Grisley < > or Nadia Bourassa <>.

June 6 Update

Here is an update on Boby from his foster home.

He is doing very well, but it must be noted that he is selectively dog aggressive so can only be adopted to a home with no other pets.

"Bobby has had an exciting week. My parents were here last weekend, so extra company for Bobby. On Saturday evening, my sister and her husband, their son and granddaughter, aged 2 1/2, came for supper. JP introduced Bobby, on a very short leash, to the little girl, let her talk to him and pet him. Bobby was curious and excited but did not attempt to bite. Then we put him in an enclosed room. While we ate and the little girl was in a high chair, we let Bobby out of the enclosed room. He sniffed her and then ignored her. Later on we let him have another short 'visit', and it went well. I don't think we are ready to just let Bobby and little kids loose around the house yet, but we are seeing that he is not intent on attacking if things are calm and quiet.

We are able to take Bobby off-leash to a secluded area of our backyard. He stays close to us. He has been enjoying fetching a stick and bringing it back. He jumps and bounces around. It is good to see him having a good time.

Sunday evening we visited the obedience trainer, Manon, at her home in her fenced yard. Bobby ran around and fetched toys. He was positively responsive to Manon. She brought out her gentle, in-season female Lappshund and kept her on the other side of the fence, so we could see Bobby's reaction. He sniffed, tail wagging, but showed no aggression. Manon returned the dog inside and brought out her male Coton, 10 pounds. Bobby was very aggressive, an initial sniff, then growling, barking and trying to attack through the fence. I was standing beside him offering treats, but he had no interest. So now we know where we stand.

Manon will send me the handouts she gives her Puppy kindergarten participants, so we can work on the basic obedience training ourselves rather than take private lessons.

Bobby's tummy is better. The medication is helping. However, we will finish it today. We decided to switch him from a grain-free to a limited-ingredient food of mostly lamb and brown rice. We have started the transition and will see how it goes, along with the end of the medication. We also have some powdered probiotic samples to give him mid next week, to clear his digestive system of any residual antibiotic. We will only give him the probiotic if the diarrhea seems to have cleared up."

August 23, 2014 Update

Boby was placed succesfully in Manitoba, Canada, and was renamed Quincy. Here he is playing catch in his new yard.

October 2, 2014 Update


July 23, 2015 Update

Quincy a year after coming to live with us. He really likes the boat.




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