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Love a Kerry. Go to heaven.

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2014 Rescue Kerries Placed: Murphy


© 2016 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Rescue Coordinator: Barbara Kam

Fostered in Washington

Latest Update

Murphy is a 3 y/o, neutered male, UTD on vaccs, microchipped, on the small side reportedly weighing less than 25 lbs. Owners surrendering him claim he doesn't play well with the other dogs in the household but loves their children. He's going to need someone who is very active and wants to take him on walks, out to play and keep him busy.

April 6, 2014

Looks like Murphy may have his "forever" home! This is from his new Foster mom:

"...thank you [...] for all you have done to get Murphy to me and my home. Being able to have Murphy here is truly one of the most wonderful things that could happen. He is so gorgeous and I am so excited to be able to have him with me in my home.

He will get so much love, attention and compassion and will have a wonderful home. I am not only thankful and lucky but realize I am blessed to have him come into my life.

I also want to say thank all of you for the wonderful work you do in giving God's beautiful animals a another chance at life. You all are amazing people, to do what you do.
There is a special place in heaven for all of you."

April 12, 2014: Update from his foster mom

We are doing pretty good so far. Know it is still early and not even one week but he has really settled in and I think likes his new home.

Getting in a routine for meals, walks, etc and he seems okay with the plan. He does love to walk and I take him for lots of walks. He also loves to play, especially tug of war. So I got him some pretty cool toys so we can play. We have had some really nice weather so it was a good week to get started here. He is eating good and likes the extra meat I add to his dish with his Dog food.

He is really into squirrels and birds and likes to let them know he is watching them.

He is so very sweet and is like my shadow, everywhere I go he is there.

Mary McLaughlin in Orland Pk, IL.

April 17, 2014: Update from his foster mom

He is really doing so well. He is so very sweet I think is settling in nicely. He has discovered a particular place in the sofa where he can actually lay down and see out 2 living room windows and lets all who walk know he is watching.

I am having Easter Sunday dinner and he will be meeting the family. All are so very excited to get to meet him too.

He has gained a little weight (looks like it anyway), his coat is growing out nicely and he is loving his toys.

It is wonderful to have him with me.

Mary McLaughlin in Orland Pk, IL.

May 4, 2014 Update: Foster Family Adopts Murphy

Here are some pictures of Murphy from the weekend: Really is cute and seems to like having his picture taken too!

May 24, 2014 Update: First Report from his new home


I wanted to let you know that Murphy is doing great. Saturday (5/17/14) we had our visit to the Vet and he did well and in good health. He now weighs 25.5 lbs. and Vet thinks he just needs a few more pounds (3-4) as he is has a small frame.

He was so good when they listened to his heart etc. as he was kissing them. They all thought he was such a good and beautiful boy. The Mill Creek Animal Clinic will most likely contact the Rescue Vet you took him too to get the copy of x-ray of his foot. They just want to see it and have it on file.

This weekend he goes to the groomer for his bath and trim etc. So will see how he does and my groomer is so patient and groomed my other Kerry's so nothing she cannot handle. I will be there the whole time with him too. I am having some family over this holiday weekend for Pizza and he loves company.

He is settling in and I cannot tell you just how much I love him and realize how lucky I was to get the opportunity to adopt him.
I also wanted to let you know I saw the Murphy updates in the Kerry News Letter. Thank you for sending them.

Saw the other Kerry's too looking for good homes. I was so very touched by the story of the Kerry from France, as I do speak some French. If I could I would take him but right now Murphy needs my attention. But will make donation to help cover his travel expenses as you all do such wonderful work for these Kerry's. You are all selfless.
Please know I would adopt another in time too. But need some time.

I just love the breed.

Mary McLaughlin in IL

October 24, 2014: Report from his new home

Murphy has been doing very well. He is doing better every day with aggressiveness. I actually took him to a class with dogs that have aggression issues. He struggles with it but know I need to be firm and have been.

You would have been proud of him in the class. There were only 5 dogs in the class and all bigger than him. Instructor walked through basic stuff and commands. I want you to know that at the end of the class he was the only one that could do it all perfectly. Even the instructor was amazed because with the all of the dogs being aggressive and barking and not listening she was not sure what he was hearing besides all the dogs around him. He is really a very bright little guy. He does very well with structure and seems to like it most times!! But then he is a Kerry and Irish.

Mary McLaughlin


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