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If we knew any more about Kerries, we'd bark!

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2014 Rescue Kerries Placed: Brahms


© 2016 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Rescue Coordinator: Kim Applegate

Fostered in Nevada

Here's the new guy! Brahms has just arrived at Marian Moses' in Reno. He was obtained from Adopt-a-Pet in Las Vegas. Kim Applegate our RC for CA & NV worked tirelessly with the rescue group. Matt & Sue Buehler volunteered their energies to pick him up from the shelter and drive him to Marian in Reno. That was an eight hour trip each way!


Sue & Matt Buehler delivering Brahms to Marian Moses
in Sparks, NV after picking him up in Las Vegas,
NV--a 16 hour round trip.


He's doing well according to reports. He's shy but then he's been shuffled around this last month. I'm sure he'll do well with Marian and his Kerry nature will emerge soon. He's getting along with his Lab roomie so all is well. We think he's 5 or 6 y/o, neutered and UTD on vaccinations.

More information will be posted shortly.

Marian Moses, the foster mom and her nephew, Adrian Jefferson taking possession of Brahms from the Buehlers.
January 20, 214 Update from Brahms' foster mom

We have the pleasure of fostering a six plus year-old male Kerry Blue Terrier, Brahms who came to us in Reno, NV from a shelter in Las Vegas, NV. Sixteen hours of travel time, gas, and hotel costs were donated by good hearted Kerry lovers Matt and Sue Buehler to transport Brahms to us. This handsome and personable little guy has had the misfortune of neglect, being uprooted from the home that he was familiar with, and placed in the cold environ of shelter life.

Brahms came to us covered with more than 20 sebaceous cysts that caused him great discomfort that resulted in his constant licking and biting them. Not only did this cause sores, but we are certain that ingesting the puss and blood was not healthy for his system.

In order to enhance Brahms' health, quality of life, and adoptability, the decision was made to have the cysts removed at the same time he was to be placed under anesthesia for a badly needed teeth cleaning. Because of the clustering and quantity of dime to quarter-sized cysts, some of Brahms' incisions are three and four inches long.

                                                    Brahms' cysts before surgery.

Brahm after surgery.  


True to his nature pre surgery, Brahms has been a trooper post surgery as well – his warm, loving, and playful personality continues to shine. Our biggest hurdle in Brahms' recovery is keeping him quiet. It is his nature to be playful with his people, as well as his Kerry Blue and Labrador housemates. He also has a curious and adventurous nature, he loves chasing critters in the backyard.


Brahms is well worth the financial investment and will make a wonderful friend and companion to the home lucky enough to have him. There is nothing he likes better than being part of his "pack," curling up in the recliner with his foster-dad, or helping is foster-mom in the kitchen, just in case she should need his assistance as a taste tester.

Marian Moses

March 12, 2014

Brahms is adopted was adopted by his foster family.

April 10, 2014

Message from Marian Moses who adopted Brahms:

Still in love with our beautiful boy. He is an absolute joy.
Thanks all.

Brahms in his new home in Reno, Nevada.

April 6, 2014

Message from Marian Moses.

Toward the end of December KBTF supporters Matt and Sue Buehler went to Las Vegas to pick up a rescue, Brahms, who we welcomed in to our family pack.

Due to a number of health issues, Brahms needed $1700 worth of medical care. A few wondered whether or not it was worth the expense. My answer to that question is a resounding YES!

While Brahms continues to have medical issues due to a compromised immune system, he is the most loving little Kerry boy, and when I say Kerry, I mean in every sense of the breed. He demands his head and back rubs, he demands his sisters and all of the dogs at the dog park chase him, and when it's feeding time, he barks loudly while in his sit/stay, just in case we forget that he's waiting!

He loves sitting in the recliner relaxing with dad, and dad is the only one who gets kisses - I think it's a male bonding thing. BUT, mom is the only one he will lay on top of and sleep - it's that nurturing thing.

Brahms will need a certain amount of medical attention for the rest of his life. We will do everything within our power to provide it because we know how full of life and love this little boy is, and he he continues to be a joy to our pack!


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