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2013 Rescue Kerries Placed: Lacey


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Lacey is ready for her next adventure

Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Fostered in Florida

Rescue Write-up

Meet Lacey, a darling, loving, and very pretty (see my picture!) kerry girl, purebred, now 7 years old.

If you think that fetching furry face (actually, Lacey does not fetch; she thinks fetching is for the birds, or at least for the bird-dogs) looks familiar, you might be recognizing Miss Lacey from The Great Ohio Rescue six years ago--one of the Foundation's largest rescues of kerry puppies from one of the worst of the puppy mills. 

One cleaned up and vet-checked, Lacey was adopted by a wonderful couple, and rapidly blossomed into a darling sweetheart of a kerry, who loves other dogs and all people, given a few minutes to warm up to them --- courtesy of her mill puppy childhood, she is a bit shy at first and is initially fearful of men, though she softens right up with patience and gentle encouragement.

However, Lacey's family recently has had some life challenges, and can no longer care for Lacey in the way she needs. While she makes up for it with her beauty and sweet temperament, Lacey is a high-maintenance kind of girl, due to poor care as a puppy at the mill, and will always need special, and expensive, veterinary care.

Lacey has irritable bowel disease that was initially very challenging to treat, though she is now on a regimen that works beautifully for her. The fact is that Lacey needs a sugar-daddy or sugar-mommy, as currently her medications cost close to $500 a month. The Foundation is looking into alternative regimens that might be less expensive without sacrificing Lacey's current good health, but prospective adopters should be prepared for a dog who will probably always have special needs -- ie, she needs a special bank account.

Still, like any kerry, what Lacey is mostly looking for in a new home is lots of love, consistent care, fun activities that give her plenty of exercise and stimulation, obedience training using positive reinforcement, to give her confidence, and people who are ready to be charmed and entertained by her, every single day. As you can see, Lacey has the close-cropped tail of a mill puppy (oh, Lacey! How glad we are that you escaped that dreadful life!) and her silky loose coat is currently clipped short, as her current owners like to see her pretty brown eyes and her many expressions. She is a sweetie pie, and we look forward to seeing her bring her particular brand of sunshine to a new home.  Lacey is in the south.


January 2013

Here is an update on Lacey, who is still in search of a new forever home..... Good news on her health, and can't beat this recommendation from her mom!

"I just want people to understand that she is the sweetest girl, well trained, and healthy on her meds which is being progressively reduced. Lacey is back to 100% of her activity, loves to play, able to have long walks, acts like every other Kerry without medical issues. When we first got her we took her to classes for training and socialization and she eventually did so well that we enrolled her in rally classes and we both had so much fun. She did well but was unable to compete because of her shyness and my physical limits but she is so smart. We haven't been able to continue because I could not. Lacey may be shy with men but during our short walks she now goes up to people even some men and loves to be loved even to the point of lying in the middle of the road on her back for belly rubs. It just breaks my heart that we have come to this point but I cannot care for her.

I just wanted you to know she is the best girl, getting along with most people and other dogs. For all of her issues we have never heard her growl and as sick as she was she never tried to snap at anyone. And my heart is breaking throughout this."
If you would like to consider making Lacey a member of your family, or know someone else who could make all Lacey's dreams come true, contact Sharon Arkoff, Rescue Director, Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation.


May 2013

Lacey is placed!

24-November 2013

See the full story of Lacey's rescue in the section, Rescue Stories. 





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